Are the Phillies worth having any All-Star players this summer?

The Phillies continue to lose in fascinating ways, which makes it difficult for fans to be optimistic about their ability to compete this season.

But doing the unfortunate incident of their team, Like this, Making them unlikely to send more than one player to participate in the Midsummer Classic in Denver on July 13th?

In the shoe

Zach Wheeler is the leading candidate to represent the Phillies in the All-Star Game. If the team has only one player in the exhibition game, fans are likely to see their trump card cast one or two games for the National League.

In addition to significantly better than anyone else in the team, Wheeler also has the honor and statistics worthy of his first participation in ASG. Here is how he competed with other pitchers in the league:

category Wheeler Statistics Netherlands Ranking
war 3.1 Third place
era 2.51 No.9
whip 0.935 number 8
BB/9 1.98 10th
K/9 10.9 5th place
Strikeout 100 second
Bureau 82.1 the first

The 31-year-old player ranks in the top 10 in almost every category, and during this period, he has faced more batsmen (319) than anyone else in the NL. Somehow, despite his outstanding performance, Wheeler was only 4-3 in his 12 starts. This is due to close to the league’s worst support of 3.8 runs per game.

“Honestly, when I’m on the court, I don’t think about this,” Wheeler told reporters after losing a game that saw him make eight innings. “I heard it from you, I heard it from other people, but this is completely out of my mind. My goal is to go out to play zero, no matter if we get 20 points or zero points. I think this is going out to deal with this The best way to solve the problem. Usually everyone has a person. It happens to employees, it just happens. It’s not to them, it just happens sometimes. This is baseball, which is unfortunate. I hope it’s a bit different, but I Know that those guys are fighting there…I have everything to believe in these guys. They will come back.”

Fringe all-star

Rees Hoskins

Hoskins has always been one of the few health highlights of the Phillies’ offense (knock the wood), because the first baseman has played all 56 games this season and contributed an average of 0.269 points with the bat. Leading homer (12), scoring (31) and RBI (34). The entire NL has seen the struggle of first basemen, such as Freddie Freeman and Anthony Rizzo, so maybe Hoskins can continue to successfully slip into the slot.

JT Realmuto

Realmuto is the best receiver in NL on paper, but his injuries have cost him more than a few games. Nevertheless, like Hoskins, Realmuto’s competition in the catcher position is not particularly good, and he handles the pitcher well in the battery pack. Using the bat, Realmuto’s shooting percentage was 0.288, and he led the Phillies by a basic percentage of 0.401.

Hector Neris

Neris is not an elite rescuer, Phillies fans know he has weaknesses, but if you surpass his three losses, his overall work this year is impressive. He has a 1.96 ERA and 27 strikeouts in 23 innings he pitched, and he is very reliable behind the bullpen.

Work to be done


Obviously, the Phillies’ second-best starter, Nora has been inconsistent this season, but has also performed well, scoring 3.84 in 12 starts, including his first full game and more than 70.1. 78 strikeouts in rounds of pitching (all leading in NL). Nora may be behind other starting pitchers vying for All-Star status, but if he is as dominant as he can dominate in June and early July, he can enter.

Bryce Harper

Can you believe that it has been three seasons and it is entirely possible that Harper’s All-Star appearances as a Phillies will be zero? The $330 million man is currently on the injured list treating forearm problems, but is expected to return sometime next week or so. If he turns off the lights in the next month, plus rest time, he may get a place. In 38 games, Harper ranked third among the Phils with 7 homers, with a shooting percentage of 0.274.

Jean Segura

Segura is very good at the plate, but may not be so good elsewhere. He also only appeared in 41 of the 56 team games. Is this enough to keep him away from Coors Field for the All-Star Game? Segura led the Phillies to 0.320, and he was still leading the team in stealing bases. If he adds another 30 or 35 base strikes before Segura breaks.

Audubel Herrera

Herrera seized the starting midfield position and didn’t look back. A few seasons ago, before off-court problems cost him his job, he provided critical hits and unexpectedly recovered. However, after he started late this season, is his job complete enough?

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