All the accumulations of Derby Day after winning the Oaks on Friday snowfall

Voice of faith

The background story behind this horse, his name and breeding bear the hallmark of a Hollywood blockbuster.

In order to make it a potential Oscar winner, Frankie De Toli showed up at the last minute.

Named after Ed Dunlop’s late father, the legendary “John Leeper Dunlop”, he won this famous game twice in ten classic games, and the pressure has always been on this man.

If John Lipper wins the Derby later this afternoon, there will be no dry eyes in the house.

All of this is somewhat surreal, you can’t imagine it will become like this, it’s too good to be true.
Sadly, the only thing missing here is my father, I know he will provide some advice at any time.
“Keep it simple, keep it simple, son,” he will keep telling me. I think he will find all the hype and accumulation very interesting.
As we all know, he won the Derby twice, and I only won the fifth or third time.
But look, it will be an exciting day for all of us, let alone whether he participated in a big game, or dare I say he won the game. The Derby champion named after my father, I cannot express what it means in words.

Ed Dunlop

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