Al Jazeera condemns Israel’s attacks and arrests of its journalists | Free Press News

The media network condemned the arrest of Givara Budeiri, saying that the “systematic attack” against her reporter violated “all international conventions”.

Givara Budeiri, reporter for Al Jazeera News Channel Was brutally arrested Israeli occupying forces reported on demonstrations near Sheikh Jala in occupied East Jerusalem. Al Jazeera asked the Israeli government to be responsible for her welfare and demanded her immediate release. Al Jazeera photographer Nabil Mazzawi was also destroyed by the Israeli authorities while reporting his camera.

Commenting on the arrest, Dr. Mostfa Suger, Acting Director-General of Al Jazeera Media Network said: “We condemn the actions of the Israeli occupation forces in the strongest terms. The systematic targeting of our journalists violates all international conventions. The Israeli occupation forces today The violence against Givara Budeiri and Nabil Mazzawi completely ignored the basic human rights of journalists.”

He further stated: “In recent weeks, Gaza and Occupied Jerusalem have witnessed the Israeli authorities intimidating journalists to suppress their daily activities. These actions cannot be viewed in isolation. Today’s arrest occurred two weeks after the bombing. Destroy the Al Jalaa building, Which has offices in Gaza for Al Jazeera and other media organizations.

“This kind of attempt to prevent journalists from fulfilling their professional duties of informing the world and reporting on local events is a crime against the press.”

Al Jazeera called on international news organizations and human rights agencies to jointly condemn the Israeli government’s actions, and called for the immediate release of Givara Budeiri and all other detained journalists, allowing them to pursue their own professions without restrictions. Fear or intimidation.

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