Who won the California vaccine lottery?The winner from San Diego in the first painting

San Diego-Country Just picked The top 15 US$50,000 winners of the state’s COVID-19 vaccination rewards program, and three lucky winners are from San Diego County.

Winners remain anonymous for the time being and are only identified by numbers and their region. The state government will directly contact the winners regarding funding issues and ask them to approve the public sharing of their information.

In a game-like format, Governor Gavin Newsom presided over the selection of the winners. The 21.5 million eligible residents were initially randomly reduced to 200, and then screened to 50. The final selection is done using a bingo machine, 50 numbered balls fall into a rotating cylinder, from which 15 winners are selected.

The three winners in San Diego are not the only winners from Southern California: three winners are from Los Angeles County and one is from Orange County.

The California Department of Public Health will notify the winners by phone. If the agency cannot reach them immediately, it will continue to try via phone, text, email, or other contact information related to the person’s record in the state’s vaccine registry.

If they cannot contact the winner within 96 hours of the first attempt, the prize will be transferred to someone else. State official.

California’s incentive plan will issue a total of 116.5 million U.S. dollars in bonuses as part of the final effort before the state government Lift almost all health restrictions June 15th.You can read about Different categories here.

The next batch of 15 winners with a prize of $50,000 will be announced next Friday, June 11.

Any California resident who is 12 years of age and older who has been vaccinated against COVID-19 at least once will automatically participate in winning cash prizes regardless of their immigration status.

The plan will also issue $50 prepaid or grocery cards to the first 2 million Californians who will receive the stimulus starting May 27.

Newsom said on Friday that the state has received more than 38.6 million doses of the vaccine, and 52% of the state’s population is now considered fully vaccinated. He said that more than 70% of adults in the state received at least one dose of the vaccine.

“So we are proud to be here, but also pay attention to the work in front of us, especially in this area-I often say that 30% to 40% of people are vaccinated, which can easily reach 10%. From 70% It’s stubborn to increase the number of adults to 75 years of age and above. This is a tough job,” Newsom said.

“I know that some people are cynical about these things, and some people deny that they should play any role in doing the right thing, and this will give you the chance to save lives, not only to support your success throughout the pandemic, but also We go to the other side while also supporting the health and safety of your loved ones, the wider community, and the state and country,” he said.

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