South Korean Air Force Chief of Staff Resigns Due to Death and Sexual Abuse | Military News

President Moon Jae-in immediately accepted Li Chengyong’s resignation, making him the air force commander with the shortest service time in the country.

According to her family, the chief of staff of the South Korean Air Force has resigned and apologized and assumed responsibility for a member of the army who committed suicide after being sexually harassed by a colleague.

After an Air Force sergeant chief was arrested in March for molesting and hurting a female colleague of the same level, Li Chengrong offered to resign.

“I feel very responsible for this series of situations,” the general said.

“I express my deep condolences to the victims and my sincere condolences to the families of the deceased.”

President Moon Jae-in’s press secretary said on Friday that he immediately accepted Lee’s resignation, making him the shortest commander of the South Korean Air Force since he was appointed in September.

The victim’s family said she suffered mental distress and continued bullying, and accused the Air Force of trying to cover up the attack and shut her up in the past two months.

After the woman’s family filed a petition to Moon Jae-in’s office on Tuesday, demanding thorough investigation and punishment of those involved, the case sparked strong public protests. So far, more than 326,000 people have signed the agreement.

This case also puts a lot of pressure on Moon Jae-in. His popular support rate has been declining steadily, and his political party Fiasco in the election The two major cities before next year’s presidential election.

Too little too late

Moon Jae-in ordered an investigation on Thursday, including how the Air Force handled the case, because the family reported to the military prosecutor three officials from the Li base, accusing two of them of negligence and attempted coercion, and the other for sexual harassment.

The Air Force fired the two directors involved in the Lee case on Thursday, but did not elaborate on the reasons.

The Ministry of National Defense said that on Friday, military prosecutors raided the Air Force Gendarmerie Headquarters and the offices of the Li Zayong base.

A series of incidents prompted the military to tighten regulations and penalties for sexual abuse, but activists said the military is still too weak against members accused of wrongdoing.

“The investigation is ongoing, but so far, there are signs that the Air Force is trying to protect its own organization, not the victim, despite her repeated attempts to seek help,” a defense source who asked not to be named quoted the investigation to Reuters. Say.

Amid growing discussions about whether to abolish the all-male draft pick in the South, the woman’s death also followed.

All able-bodied male citizens must serve for nearly two years, but women can join the army voluntarily.

Military bullying and other forms of abuse have long tarnished South Korean military service and have led to several suicides and fatal shootings in the past.

March, A transgender Korean soldierAfter being forcibly discharged from the army after sex reassignment surgery, she committed suicide, triggering another public outcry.

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