Police say restaurant staff died after being beaten at the fender bending site in northeast Philadelphia

At the end of last month, a 28-year-old restaurant employee was fatally injured in an attack in northeast Philadelphia, and his family is mourning his death.

According to the police, Wei Lin received a call from another restaurant employee on May 24 who was involved in the bending of the mudguard while delivering food in the Juniata district of the city. Lin went to the scene, in Lucerne and L Street, Provide translation assistance for employees and the driver of another vehicle.

After the two drivers exchanged insurance information, Lin stayed at the scene and talked with the delivery driver. Investigators said that another driver involved in the accident left the scene.

Moments later, 30-year-old Jose Figueroa approached Lin and the delivery driver. He allegedly hit Lin with a clenched fist, causing him to lose consciousness. The delivery driver told the police that Figueroa also punched him, but he was not injured.

Police said Lin was taken to Temple University Hospital and was in a critical condition in the intensive care unit, where he was in a coma for three days before being pronounced dead on May 27.

The delivery driver took Figueroa’s picture and provided it to investigators, who arrested Figueroa on June 1.

Figueroa was charged with unintentional homicide, simple assault, conspiracy and simple assault, and reckless harm. Court recordsThe Philadelphia police did not investigate the attack as a hate crime and explained that Figueroa and Lin did not know each other before the incident and did not exchange racial or ethnic slander.

Lin’s brother created a GoFundMe event Support the family after the fatal attack. Lin is described as “sweet”, “friendly” and always helpful.

“He has a whole family to take care of, and (sic) just welcomed a baby girl 3 months ago,” Lin’s brother wrote before his death.

As of Friday afternoon, the GoFundMe campaign has raised more than $111,000.

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