Eagles OTA practice notes: DeVonta Smith catches the ball well

The Philadelphia Eagles conducted their second (and last) offseason OTA practice with media participation at Lincoln Financial Field on Friday. We will not see them training again until the training camp starts in late July. As always, we have some notes, although we are only allowed to watch the warm-up and personal exercise parts of the exercise.

• Let’s get started right away Devon Tower Smith, I think. He catches the ball in the end zone against the air.

Smith is only 6’0, but you can see that he still has a good catch radius, you can catch a glimpse of his coordination (or physical control, if you want), and his on-court awareness. Nice catch, nice toe hitting. It’s no big deal for him.

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This is the casual one-handed grasp of DeVonta captured by Tim McManus:

• Early themes Nick Siriani Practice is these fun little games, in front of the whole team.Early in the practice, Smith met Travis Fulham In the next “Squash Football” game.

Neither receiver dropped the ball, and it seemed to continue for a while, so they were over. Later in the training, the team played a second match between the defensive guards, but on the other side of the field, the player’s wall blocked the view. The Eagles camera crew has cameras there, so if they post the DB game on Twitter later, we will add it.

These small games seem to be a good way to break the boring part of practice and keep players engaged. In any case, I think this part is their design.

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• We have just gotten used to the new training brought by these employees. This is a running back training aimed at strengthening tight ball safety.

The defenders know that the ball will be yanked by the rope, but they still often can’t catch it, like here:

This is a super tough exercise. It will be interesting to see if they improve during training as the training camp progresses, assuming they continue to return to it.

• We caught a glimpse of the wide receiver configuration. Devon Tower Smith with Jaylen Regg Is the outside catcher of the first team, Greg Ward In the slot. Travis Fulham with Deonte Burnett Is the second team, and JJ Alsegar-Whiteside In the slot.

It makes sense for JJAW to appear in the slot. He is too slow to play on the outside, but maybe he can find a small role against the small corners on the inside? At least, he will at least be a good blocker in this character’s running game. Does this help any of you? what.

• The offensive lines of the first and second teams are as follows:

LT LG C RG Broadcast time
Jordan Myrata Isaac Sumaro Jason Kelsey Brandon Brooks Ryan Johnson
Brett Toth Matt Pryor Luke Uriga Nate Herbig Jack Driscoll

Andre Dillard Not practicing. Landon Dixon It was there, but he did not participate in that part of the training.

• That’s it. We didn’t stay there long.I just leave you like this Aylin Sipos punt.

You’re welcome.

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