Banned a second rodeo to protest Alberta’s COVID-19 restrictions

A judge in Calgary has ordered a ban on weekend rodeos, which was aimed at protesting public health restrictions related to COVID-19 and Alberta Governor Jason Kenney, dismissing the organization The author argued that this would be a political assembly.

The event was called “No Jason Kenny Professional Rodeo Rally”, and its poster promised “a rodeo for the whole weekend”, and tickets were priced at $15.

“There is hardly anything to argue with,” said Kyle Fowler, an Alberta health services lawyer. “This activity is not allowed.”

Organizers Ty and Gail Northcott supported the earlier protest rodeo held near Bowden, Alta, last month, which attracted an estimated 3,000 participants and charged them under the Alberta Health Law.

Northcotts pleaded not guilty to their contempt charges and will face another judge later.

‘If it looks like a duck’

Currently, Alberta only allows 10 people to participate in outdoor gatherings. If other hygiene orders are followed, including wearing masks and keeping physical distance, the number of people allowed to participate in protests and gatherings is not limited.

On Friday, in a court in the rear court of Alberta, Northcotts lawyer Jay Cameron argued that the event was a “political rally involving rodeos” and suggested that AHS could treat those who did not People who comply with public health restrictions issue tickets.

But Deputy Chief Justice John Luke did not believe it.

“If it looks like a duck, it calls like a duck, and it walks like a duck, then it is probably a duck,” he said when ruling that the planned event was a rodeo.

Rooke ruled that it is possible to cause irreparable harm to attendees and those who come into contact with them afterwards.

Governor Jason Kenny, Minister of Environment and Parks Jason Nixon, Secretary of Finance Travistos, Secretary of Health Taylor Sandro and a staff member were photographed eating outdoors on the evening of June 1. (submitted)

Prime Minister’s dinner sparked controversy

When Cameron argued that Kenny himself did not abide by the AHS rules, the hearing became more politicized.

Cameron said: “The prime minister, cabinet ministers and staff were photographed in outdoor venues violating multiple public health orders.” “The Minister of Health was photographed at that event.”

Earlier this week, three cabinet ministers, Kenny and other staff dine outdoors on the terrace on the 11th floor of the Alberta Legislature Grounds in Edmonton, which appeared to violate Alberta’s rules on outdoor and social gatherings. The first phase of the regulations.

The group was taken by an anonymous reporter and sent the photos to the media.

After imposing a ban on his client, Cameron recorded the case, and all Albertans must abide by public health and court orders.

Cameron said: “The next time I have lunch with the Prime Minister, any such order applies to the Minister of Health himself.”

Luke refused to allow this argument and welcomed Cameron’s application to the court, accusing the prime minister and provincial legislators of violating public health restrictions.

Luke said: “Assuming that there was an error in that incident, two errors cannot be correct.”

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