3 seaside sisters mourn after being killed in a plane crash in Idaho

OSID, Calif. — Santiago Rojas said his North County family suffered a devastating blow after his three daughters were killed. Killed in a car accident During a trip in Idaho last weekend.

Sisters-Melissa Rojas, 26, Jasmine Rojas-Carrasco, 22, and Priscilla Rojas-Carrasco, 16, an Oceanside High School Of students — who drove to a cabin on Saturday when their car hit their head — took a pickup on Highway 95, about 30 miles west of Boise.

Jasmin’s boyfriend is from Northern California. He was in the car with his sisters and was killed in a car accident. Three people on the truck were injured but survived.

Santiago told FOX 5 in Spanish that his 34-year-old daughter was also on the trip, but a few miles behind another car. He said that in the days since the tragic accident, many relatives have come to visit him and his wife and provide support. Their garage is now full of flowers and candles.

When the community learned that sophomore girl Priscilla was one of the victims of the crash, Oceanside High School issued a statement Support for families and shared resources available to students.

“There is no language to describe this tragic loss. Priscila is a 10th grade student in OHS and an AP student,” Statement read,section. “We are working with family members to study how to help them during this time of major loss… During these difficult times, our mission is to ensure that every student and faculty member in need can receive the school district and Support from the school community.”

Santiago said that the girls are always united, happy and respectful of each other. His eldest daughter is now on the way back from Idaho, and the authorities told FOX 5 that they are still sorting out details that may have caused the collision.

some GoFundMe page After the tragedy, they have been arranged to help their families pay for the expenses.

You can watch Jason Sloss’s interview with Santiago Rojas in the video player above.

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