2 heart disease patients in Manitoba were sent to hospitals in Ontario and Quebec for surgery

A Shared Health spokesperson said that Manitoba has sent two heart patients out of the province so that they can undergo surgery next week.

Both patients stayed at home until they were cleared through medical evacuation. One was sent to a facility in Ontario and the other was sent to Quebec.

The spokesperson said that health care in Manitoba is overwhelmed by COVID-19 cases, which is affecting other health services, including having to reduce surgical capacity to focus on “the most urgent and urgent cases.”

The spokesperson added that, as a result, the waiting list for surgery has grown to an unfavorable level for the patients on these lists.

Six heart disease patients in Manitoba recently died because they had to wait longer for heart surgery due to the surge in hospital admissions due to COVID-19.

The spokesperson said that Shared Health focuses on performing operations on the people most in need, and if they are allowed to travel, they will be sent elsewhere.

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