What are they talking about: The Eagles have experienced one of the worst offseasons in the NFL-but also one of the biggest upgrades?

The offseason of the Philadelphia Eagles will continue this week, and the latest batch of OTA training will take place at the NovaCare complex in South Philadelphia. However, it depends on who you ask, this is actually not a good offseason for the Hawks.

In fact, one media listed them as the worst offseason in the NFL this year.This may be enough for you to scroll past anything else I’m going to say here, considering that’s where we started looking today What are they talking about about the bird, let’s go straight into it…

An offseason to forget?

Bill Barnwell | ESPN+

Before things become too pessimistic and pessimistic, we should make sure to point out that this offseason is not all bad for the Hawks-after all, they are only in the second half of this list, not the bottom three. According to ESPN’s Bill Barnwell, the things they did right include leaving Carson Wentz, controlling their salary cap situation (especially in 2022), and signing Anthony Harris (more on this later) He) and Ryan Kerrigan and others drafted Devonta Smith.

As for what did not follow their way…

What went wrong: Imagine that after winning the Super Bowl in February 2018, Hawks fans told them that in three years neither Doug Pedersen nor Wentz would participate in the organization. Pedersen was fired after his relationship with Wentz and his boss Jeffrey Lurie could not be repaired, and Wentz was traded to Indy shortly thereafter. We will see how these moves work, but the two key positions that the Hawks seem to solve in the next few years are once again question marks. As part of the Wentz deal, Philadelphia ate a staggering $33.8 million in dead money on the 2021 ceiling, which means that his ghost will become the second largest ceiling of all football players this season.

They could have taken different approaches: Sign a replacement quarterback, he works in much the same way as the Hawks and Hutts plan. It is hard to imagine that the two quarterbacks are more different than Hurts and Flacco. Although the two pass concepts are not necessarily different, they will at least build some offensive teams to play to the advantages of Hurts. If Tyrod Taylor is not financially feasible, then Robert Griffin may be a better choice than Flacco.

Things left to do: Continue on from Zach Ertz. Obviously, the future of the star close end lies elsewhere, and Philadelphia can use the $8.5 million it will save in 2021 to help extend Ertz’s long-term substitute and soon to become a free agent Dallas Goedert. The Hawks are likely to either trade the 30-year-old player for a last-round pick, or just cut him off. [espn.com]

Interestingly, it seems that Barnwell’s biggest complaint (except for that stupid Joe Flacco trade) is focused on what happened long before the offseason began. Of course, this offseason is the result of something boiling under the surface for a while, but it’s clear that the Eagles are trying to turn lemons into lemonade through some of their actions.

In other words, they were forced to the corner with very limited options. However, it was their own fault, and they must be held responsible for it.

Receiving Legion’s Concerns

Steve Palazzolo | Professional football focus

As mentioned above, the Hawks added a potential future top perimeter player to Devonta Smith with the 10th overall pick. They also have Dallas Goedert, one of the best close ends in the NFL. In addition, they spent the first-round pick on another wide receiver a year ago, and they hope he will take a big step forward in 2021.

Nevertheless, according to Pro Football Focus, these are not enough to keep the Eagles out of the bottom three receiving units in the NFL. Here’s more from PFF’s Steve Palazzolo on why the Eagles are so low…

30. Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles’ wide receivers have ranked last in the receiving level for each of the past two years, so this unit has a lot of room for improvement. They have now conducted a back-to-back first-round selection on the receiver, putting pressure on Jalen Rager and Devonta Smith. As a rookie in 2020, Rieger has an overall rating of 64.0, scoring 396 yards in 31 catches. This is a slow start, but he is explosive and can develop into an external vertical threat. Smith is a better all-around receiver, and this is one of the best seasons in the history of college football. He can be separated at all levels on the court, and holding the ball in his hands is dangerous, so looking for Smith in this offense developed into a high-volume threat.

One highlight of the struggle last season was the appearance of Travis Fulgham, who performed well on several teams, then led the Eagles with a total score of 71.2 and led the Eagles with 539 receiving yards. In addition to the top three, Greg Ward may play a role in ball possession games, because in his career, he averaged 8.3 yards per game. JJ Arcega-Whiteside, as a former two-round player, has only 26 career goals, which is disappointing. In the fifth round of 2020, John Hightower added another speed component.

At the close end, Dallas Goedert (Dallas Goedert) scored 79.5 overall, ranking sixth among the close ends, indicating that he is the first choice to move forward. He is one of the best all-around close ends in the league-he and George Kittle are the only two close ends with more than 80.0 points, both receiver and base runner. Zach Ertz is still on the list, but after scoring a career-low 57.3 points, he is in the trading zone. In his eight-year career, Eltz has been one of the best runners in the league, so he can still provide something as a supplementary role. If Ertz is moved, the backup snapshot will compete fiercely between Caleb Wilson, Jason Croom, former QB Tyree Jackson and former WR Hakeem Butler.

Although the Eagles’ pass receiver has had a few tough seasons, Smith offers hope, and there is something to turn things around. [pff.com]

PFF also ranked other positions- Like to run back, The Hawks finished 27th — and individual players — such as Miles Sanders, his 19th It is not enough to raise the collective ranking of his troops higher.

One of the interesting ones is Darius Slay, who was rated by PFF 23rd best outside cornerback In the NFL. The Hawks still don’t know who will play against him, but they do know that they have a new member in the second league, Anthony Harris will replace Jaren Mills, who signed with the Patriots.Interestingly, PFF has Harris ranks 13th in safety In all football. Only Gold (TE5), Jason Kells (C5), Fletcher Cox (DT6), Brandon Brooks (OG8) And Ryan Johnson (OT10) Rank higher in their respective positions.

Second upgrade

Mike Clay | ESPN+

Speaking of Harris, he may be the biggest addition to the Hawks offseason, at least in terms of his contribution in 2021. At least, from Mills to him is the biggest upgrade for the Eagles in any position-although we must look at the performance of the young QB before making any final judgments.

How big is Harris’ upgrade? Well, even though ESPN ranks the Eagles’ overall offseason in the second half of the league, they specifically rank Harris’ signing as one of the best players in all NFLs.

18. Philadelphia Eagles, S: Anthony Harris replaces Jalen Mills

Mills’ statistics for 2020: 74 steals, 1 INT
Harris’ forecast for 2021: 103 tackles, 2.0 INT

Mills was a reliable discovery by the Hawks in the 2016 seventh round of the draft, but the versatile defensive guard was not the answer to Malcolm Jenkins’ de facto safety substitute last season. Mills is now in New England and will be replaced by Harris’ more traditional security in Philadelphia.

The 29-year-old player broke out with the league’s highest 6 INT in 2019, and then he was labeled a franchise by Minnesota. His dominance was not strong last season because he did not record an interception, but he did increase his total number of tackles from 60 in 2019 to a career-high 104. Despite this, Harris provides an upgraded and solid starter, in contrast to Rodney McLeod at an Eagle Middle School that desperately needs talent injection. In the past three seasons, the Hawks ranked 22nd or worse in the number of interceptions in each season, with a total of 29 interceptions during this time. [espn.com]

Dallas gets paid?

Jeff Kerr | CBSSports.com

We mentioned Goedert above, and Zach Ertz is expected to leave Philadelphia soon, and the young TE will play a more important role in Philadelphia. He is ready, but he is also ready (and has expired) for a new contract. Here’s more from Jeff Kerr of CBS Sports Channel after Goedert’s recent conversation with the media…

Dallas Goldt was selected by the Philadelphia Eagles and eventually became the obvious heir to Zach Oates, which may arrive a year earlier than expected. Eltz is about to enter the final year of his contract, and the Eagles are expected to part ways in this offseason-the Eagles are trying to find suitable trade compensation for Eltz-for Goldt to become the starting close end in 2021. Pave the way.

Goldt is also about to enter the final year of his rookie contract. Although free agency is on him, Godet is ready to stay in Philadelphia in the next few years.

“I think the contract issue is still under discussion,” Goldt said in a conference call with reporters on Wednesday. “I’m not too worried…I really want to stay in Philadelphia forever. Having a second contract is the ultimate goal. The sooner you reach it, the better I think.

“Anyway, whether I get it or not, I will have the same mentality. I have to go there and have a good year, we have to enter the playoffs, and we have to have more winning years than last time.” [cbssports.com]

Injured like QB1

Mike Kay New Jersey Net

Finally, update the most important player on the list: quarterback Jalen Hertz. For this team, much depends on what kind of player he can become. If he proves that he can be their future QB1, the Eagles will be able to better utilize their huge draft capital pool next season, which may include three first-round picks. If he doesn’t, then Philadelphia will likely have to spend the money as part of a deal to advance to QB in the draft (assuming they didn’t end with the worst record), or as compensation for a trade to obtain a senior QB.

Hurts’ development on the court will be the key, but according to a recent story by Mike Kaye of NJ.com, the second-year player has treated himself like a team leader.

Running back Boston Scott was impressed by Hutts’ teammates who were willing to coach him at such a young age.

“He likes to teach,” Scott said on Wednesday. “We will run the route, he will put on the helmet, and then he will take off the helmet, and then run the route.”

In the second summer in Philadelphia, Hertz hoped to establish a chemical reaction with his organizers. […]

Hurts will use the time between repetitions to show his teammates what he saw in practice. He will also explain how he wants them to run the route and what needs to happen to make the game a success.

Scott said: “He is not only a hardworking person, but also takes care of his own things, and he also wants to make the people around him better.” [nj.com]

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