Twitter provides new subscription service for users in Canada and Australia

Twitter is launching a subscription service, starting in Canada and Australia, to provide subscribers with benefits such as cancel buttons.

The “Twitter Blue” subscription service will provide features that users have been asking for for a long time-but there is still no edit button.

It includes a bookmark folder for organizing saved content; an “undo tweet” function that gives users 30 seconds to cancel a sent tweet; a “reader mode” to make threaded tweets easier to read; and Customizable application icons and color themes.

Subscribers will also receive dedicated customer support, which means the issues they report can get attention faster than other users.

The registration page for Twitter Blue is shown in the screenshot. Canadians will be the first to have access to a large number of new Twitter features, but this is the first time in history that such access will require payment. (Canadian media)

In Canada, the subscription fee is $3.50 per month. There is no timetable for launching this service in other countries/regions.

Twitter is always adding new features to attract new users. The social media site has nearly 200 million users every day, less than other social media networks. In March 2021, Facebook’s daily average number of users was 1.88 billion. At the same time, Snapchat had 280 million daily active users in the first quarter.

Earlier on Thursday, Twitter shares rose $1.28, or 2.3%, to $58.45.

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