Tom Cruise’s latest news-“Mission Impossible” crew was forced to quarantine after testing positive for the new crown virus

How tall is Tom Cruise and how old is he?

Tom is one of the famous short Hollywood actors.

He is not Danny Devito-but he is 1.7m tall, about 5’6, and there are some great stories about his height.

According to reports, he once asked to wear “elevator shoes” so that he could look taller next to Brad Pitt at 5’9.

In addition, when he played against the 5-foot-11-inch Nicole Kidman (Nicole Kidman), he was known for using photography techniques to make himself look taller in films such as “Eye-Opening”.

Tom warned that he was born on July 3, 1962, which makes him 58 years old-although it sometimes seems that he has barely grown old since the 1980s.

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