The Jets’ Mark Schaeffler was suspended for 4 games for a dangerous hit against the Canadians’ Evans

Winnipeg Jets forward Mark Schaefer was suspended for four games for a “malicious” attack on Montreal Canadiens forward Jack Evans.

The NHL Player Safety Department announced the discipline during a telephone hearing on Thursday.

The department explained in a video that Scheifele’s game was considered a charge due to the distance to the opponent.

“Scheifele gained too much momentum while traveling a considerable distance. He violently completed his inspection and entered Evans with unfounded force. In the process, significant contact occurred and caused injury.

Watch | Graphical warning: Evans of Habs withdrew from the first game after being hit hard by the Jets’ Chefele:

Montreal forward Jack Evans was dangerously hit by Winnipeg forward Mark Schaeffler and was lifted off the ice on a stretcher. The latter was given heavy penalties and misconduct. 7:17

The video also stated that the Player Safety Department determined that Scheffler’s intention was not to play on ice hockey.

“For our department, it is obvious that his intention in this game is to conduct strict and violent checks on the opponent when the game and the result of the game have been decided.”

Montreal interim head coach Dominique Ducharme (Dominique Ducharme) confirmed on Thursday that Evans was absent indefinitely due to a concussion, although he was not hospitalized after the game.

After the game, he called the attack “vicious” and “useless”.

Earlier, Winnipeg coach Paul Morris said that he felt that Shafir’s lore was “clean”.

Morris said that after Evans scored an empty net goal in the last minute of the team’s playoff series opener on Wednesday, Schaefer’s blow to Evans was “heavy.”

But Morris argued that it was not dirty. He said that Schaeffler’s feet were on the ice and his arms were stuffed inside.

Since this is not a face-to-face hearing, the NHL’s Player Safety Department stipulates that any suspension will result in a maximum of five games.

Habu won 5-3 on Wednesday and took a 1-0 lead into the second game in Winnipeg on Friday.

Scheifele was assessed as the main allegation and misconduct of the game. The Montreal player just bypassed the empty net and scored with 57 seconds left in the game.

Evans, a 25-year-old from Toronto, hit his head, flew onto the ice, and was carried away on a stretcher.

Watch | Long-time producer John Shannon talked about the difficult replay decision on live TV:

The playoffs have seen two players being stretched out of the ice. Long-term producer John Shannon and Rob Pizzo are talking about making difficult replay decisions on live television. 10:29

Scheifele’s loss is significant to Winnipeg. He played only 12 minutes in 56 regular season games and became the club’s leading scorer with 63 points (21 goals, 42 assists).

The 28-year-old from Kitchener, Ontario, has scored two goals and provided three assists in five playoff games so far this year. He is currently tied with Kyle Conner, Black Wheeler and Josh Morrissey for the lead in scoring.

Montreal defender Jeff Petrie said that Schaefer’s absence will not force the Canadians to play in a different way.

“We will play in the same way he is in the lineup,” he said. “Put pressure on them and take away their time.

“We will treat the game in the same way and focus on what we need to do.”

Byron and Petrie said that Montreal’s best redemption in Winnipeg was to win the series, not to retaliate completely against individual players of the Jets.

“For us, the best way to deal with it is to win a hockey game so that Jack can come back,” Byron said. “He has been playing very well for us.

“once again, [he] Made a great effort for the goal, chased it down and put it in the net and finished the game for us. We need to win the hockey game so that he can come back and continue to play well for us. “

Petrie added: “The best way to retaliate against them for this is to win the series. Our focus is to make sure we play the right way… and make them pay in this way.”

“You can’t hit people like that”

Byron has also been on the receiving end of NHL justice. In January 2019, he was suspended for three games for hitting Florida State guard MacKenzie Weegar.

“My own feelings are obviously regrettable,” he said. “I don’t think you consciously beat someone to hurt someone, but at the same time you have to admit your actions.

“You are responsible. Regardless of whether a person is in a disadvantaged position or not. At the end of the day, you control your behavior, you control your behavior, how do you complete your inspection… You must acknowledge what you have done and what you are responsible for, and do This assumes responsibility.”

Scheifele earned his reputation as an offensive player (scoring 507 points in 575 regular-season games). His career-highest free throw time was 48 minutes, and he played 71 games in the 2015-16 regular season against Winnipeg.

“I knew he was going there to complete the inspection,” Byron said. “I think his immediate reaction was to know that he made a mistake.

“This is a bad blow…no matter how he feels [Thursday] You can’t hit people like this”

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