The 10 most eagles who can’t lose due to injury

Every year, we try to determine the 10 players that the Philadelphia Eagles can’t afford to lose due to injury. Obviously, the best players of the Eagles are also included, but we also try to consider their importance to the plan, the depth behind them, long-term and short-term impact, and other factors.

In the past, we formed our roster on the premise that the Hawks were contenders. This year, we will consider that they are not, so in some cases, some young players will find themselves on the roster higher than the better old players.

It might be more interesting to look back at this exercise. E.g:

2017, Although they missed the 1st, 3rd and 7th places on the list, they still won the Super Bowl.

2018Although the Hawks lost the first, ninth, tenth and occasionally eighth on the roster, they are still one of the last eight teams.

2019 year, When in the playoffs against the Seahawks, when the time all went to zero, they no longer ranked 1, 9 and 10.

2020 year, No. 1 was replaced, No. 8 season ended in June, No. 2, No. 7, No. 9 and No. 10 all missed most of the season.

This is our list for 2021, sorted in descending order:

10) CB The Killing of Darius

Sly will follow the opposing team’s best wide receiver throughout the 2020 season. In some competitions, he performed well. In other areas, especially against the Packers and Seahawks, there are not so many games. He didn’t completely live up to his “Big Play Slay” nickname, he only had one INT (trash time lost to Dallas in Week 16), and only 6 passes and breakups this season.

At this stage of his career, Sley may be just a not-so-good starter, but he is the only player they have in corner kicks.

2020 ranking: 5.

9) iOL Langdon Dixon

As we all know, Dixon suffered a series of serious injuries during his college career. Recap:

  1. November 2016: ACL tear in the right knee.
  2. October 2017: Right ankle surgery ended his season.
  3. 2018: Nagging/repeated left ankle injury caused him to miss most of the season.
  4. December 2020: ACL tear in left knee.

Despite a worrisome history, the Eagles believe that he is enough to be selected with the 37th overall pick in the 2021 draft, provided that he can become a full-professional offensive linebacker. You know, another major injury is serious.

2020 ranking: N/A..

8) C Jason Kelsey

In a normal competitive season, Kells will be higher, because he has always been a rare long-lasting stabilizer on the offensive line of the Eagles and is still one of the best centers in the NFL.

If the Hawks become an unexpected team in 2021, it is likely to be the result of a healthy offensive line returning to its original position. Of course, Kelce is the leader of that team.

2020 ranking: 3.

7) RB Miles Sanders

Sanders is one of the few Hawks players to actually play in 2020, despite his sharp decline in passing games, whether as a catcher or pass protector. The bet is that he will get better in both areas in 2021.

There is a good argument that the Hawks’ best chance of offensive success in 2021 is to take a re-run approach similar to the Ravens. If Nick Siriani and the Eagles’ offensive coaching staff feel the same, (a) they need Sanders to be an important part of it, (b) Jeffrey Lurie will have to relax My desire to pass the ball and offensively.

2020 ranking: 6.

6) TE Dallas Goedert

In the games he started and ended in 2020, Goedert played about 90% of the team’s offensive fast break, which is more than he has played in any other season. Since Zach Ertz missed five games-and was inefficient when he was on the court-Goedert had the opportunity to take advantage of a breakthrough season to profit. However, he also missed five games and scored 46-524-3. The end of a bit disappointing data.

Early in Ertz’s career, a common preseason theme was, “Is this finally Zach Ertz’s breakthrough season?” Before he finally took his game to the next level. We may see this in Goedert now. He is a good and promising young player, but he needs to stay healthy and prove that he is one of the top close ends in the league, as he said.

2020 ranking: not ranked.

5) LT Jordan Mailata

Left tackle is very important. They have high draft picks, and good people make a lot of money. This is especially bad when you miss them, because not only do you dump quality resources on players, but if they don’t play well, they will kill you on match day. See: Andre Dillard, 2019.

Is Myrata one of the team’s 10 best players? He is certainly not, but he has an encouraging 2020 season. He has played in a senior position. He is in a contract year and he is a special case because he participated in his first non-stop game less than nine months ago. Exhibition competition.

It remains to be determined that Mailata will become a player in the NFL, but the Eagles do need him to stay healthy this year so that they can properly assess whether they need to address this position in the next offseason.

(This assumes that Mailata can postpone Dillard’s LT job at the training camp.)

2020: Not ranked.

4) DT Fletcher Cox

Cox is no longer the star player he once was, but he is still the best player in the Eagles defense. If I were Howie Rothman, I would be very willing to trade Cox before the trade deadline, which is usually when the team is willing to pay high prices for players who can help win the championship.

If Zach Ertz is not injured, he may be traded at last year’s deadline and the Eagles will not be in the position where they are with him now. They seem and/or in vain hope that some of the teams there will provide them with more than just It’s a box of kicking T-shirts.

If the Hawks have a chance to get a good pick while getting rid of Cox’s contract, they should do it, but he needs to stay healthy to have any hope.

2020 ranking: 4.

3) RT Ryan Johnson

If Johnson’s ankle is finally fully healed, maybe he can re-establish himself as the NFL’s best RT position again. If that ankle continues to have problems, then at least in the 2022 season, they will be trapped by a very expensive, faltering player. This is a huge gap between the best and the worst.

2020 ranking: 2.

2) WR Devon Tower Smith

The Hawks’ last four first-round picks—Carson Wentz, Derek Barnett, Andre Dillard and Jaylen Rigg—have injury problems. It’s good for a person to stay healthy. For Smith, the ability to play a full season will greatly help quell the perception that he will be killed at around 170 pounds in the NFL game.

2020 ranking: Not applicable.

1) QB Jaylen is injured

The Hawks need to have a clearer picture of their situation in injury so that they can guide them accordingly on how to use their two (possibly three) 2022 first-round picks.

However, from a purely aesthetic point of view, if the damage drops, you’d better arrange another hobby for Sunday afternoon, because the Eagles under Joe Flacco will not be able to watch.

2020: Not ranked.

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