St. Luke University Health Network Anderson Campus Expansion

FCA developed this new hospital for the Anderson campus of the St. Luke University Health Network, combining the established brand of the health system with contemporary aesthetics, reflecting the migration of obstetric services from Easton, Pennsylvania to a more rural environment. The client’s vision is to provide an experience that is uniquely designed around the natural beauty of Lehigh Valley, while catering to modern facilities and patient values. The design respects their standards, but is in harmony with the multicultural and young patient groups in the surrounding community who will purchase obstetric services. The hospital’s plan includes a 32-bed postpartum ward, including 6 antenatal beds. The other floor includes a two-room caesarean section suite and room for future growth, as well as nine LDRs, a five-room triage suite and a 26-bed NICU. NICU consists of 18 compartments and 8 private rooms. The addition will also include the maternal-fetal medicine practice and postgraduate medical education program currently being developed for the first floor.

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General Manager: Zach Appleby, St. Luke University Health Network Project Manager

the company: FCA,

design team: FCA (architecture/planning/interior design); Snyder Hoffman Associates Inc. (MEP/FP engineering); Pennoni (structural engineering)

Total construction area (square feet): 189,000

Construction cost/square foot: 370 USD

Total construction cost (excluding land): 70 million USD

fully: August 2020

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