Podcast: Viva Las Vengeance!Batista and Triple H visit the hell of Las Vegas

In 2005, WWE has undergone tremendous changes. No, it’s not that Vince McMahon’s stepping down (he is still the chairman and CEO of WWE), nor that WWE’s decision to relaunch ECW as the third brand (they will be next year), nor the aforementioned McMahon Hong decided to revive XFL (that would be 13 years earlier).

No, at this time, the great change in WWE is the creation of two new superstars at the same time, they have consolidated their legendary status in the WWE legend. In fact, this may be the last time WWE has truly laid the foundation for these two superstars, allowing them to flourish and realize their dreams.

That’s right-this is the beginning of the rapid rise of John Cena and Batista, where they stayed for many years. The pay-per-view revenge of WWE in June 2005 was broadcast live at the Thomas and Mack Center in Las Vegas, which was a display of the peak of WWE brand expansion.

At this time, WWE is still running the brand’s unique pay-per-view, so Monday Night Raw and SmackDown (which will eventually be transferred to Friday night later that summer) run pay-per-view, and their list is only talented. The interesting thing about Vengeance 2005 is that it happened right in the middle of the WWE draw that year, which lasted for four weeks in June. Every week, the wrestler is selected as Raw or SmackDown. A few weeks before pay-per-view, WWE champion John Cena was selected to join Raw. Batista has been playing on Raw as a world heavyweight champion since Wrestling Fever 21, and he still uses Raw today.

Therefore, needless to say, this pay-per-view is one of the most crowded in the era of brand monopoly. The two WWE champions will not only make the headlines of the show, but Kurt Angle will continue to feud with Shawn Michaels in the second game of the duo from SmackDown to Raw. This is the first time since Wrestling Fever 21. Of course, this is a classic. What can we expect?

Just because it is 2005 does not mean that WWE has completely ended the age of attitudes. Although most of the content of that era has been evaded at this point, there are still bits and pieces that have filtered out of the 2005 cracks. When Lillian Garcia found out that she was in a love angle with Viscera, and proposed to him in Vegas… only one person can interrupt: the godfather.

As we discuss the latest WWE version, there is still a lot to discuss. We started to study WWE Vengeance 2005 in depth at 48:35.

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