Penn Medicine, Intervention Support Center

In order to find new solutions to improve efficiency and quality, Penn Medicine envisioned a new remote intervention support center (ISC) as an integrated facility to support multiple facilities throughout the Philadelphia area. ISC focuses on the disinfection of surgical instruments, the disinfection of bed sheets, and the storage of surgical supplies and soft products. ISC’s service integration will standardize instrument handling, instrument kits, and software products across the entire health system. ISC will allow storage space to expand the inventory of supplies on hand. Box trucks will enter and exit the ISC from various facilities of temperature-controlled trucks in accordance with the prescribed timetable to improve efficiency.

Stantec’s team integrated healthcare planners, architects, designers, engineers, and industrial designers to design the new facility. Use time movement research and simulation modeling to test and validate solutions to identify gaps and bottlenecks in the process.

The facility supports a one-way forward instrument handling process, starting with a closed, sealed box truck where the dirty instrument arrives at the dirty loading and unloading dock. The case carts are brought to the purification area through a series of air-tight vestibules. The instruments are then unloaded from the box cart, processed in a series of clean sinks, and then sent to the assembly and disinfection area through a cleaning/disinfection procedure. After assembly and packaging, the instrument group is loaded into a steam sterilizer or a low temperature sterilizer. The sterilized instrument set is then brought to the aseptic storage area for loading on the high-density vertical storage unit. Then combine the instrument with the soft products on the Metro wire rack and assemble it in a clean box cart. Clean, assembled box carts are lined up and lined up in a sealed lobby near a clean loading dock, where they will be loaded onto trucks for transportation to designated locations. The clean loading dock will also receive clean supplies, sheets and soft items. These cleaning products are brought into the decomposition room, decomposed and stored in the sterile storage area through the front hall. Similarly, linen is disinfected and stored before being shipped to each facility.

The facility has N+1 redundancy in all building systems, including complete facility generator backup. The air system includes HEPA filtration for all instrument handling and storage spaces. The separate executive suite includes office space and workstations for employees. Staff facilities include lounge, meeting room, mother’s room, and men’s and women’s changing rooms.

Item category: Retrofit/refurbishment

General Manager: Christopher Pastore, Managing Director, Pennsylvania Medical Intervention Support Center

the company: Stantec Construction and Engineering Co., Ltd.,

design team: Stantec Architecture and Engineering LLC (planning, architecture, interior design, MEP/FP engineering, industrial design); Stantec Consulting Services (project manager); O’Donnell & Naccarato Inc. (structural engineering); Pennoni (civil engineering); medical Building solutions (medical equipment planning); Conspectus Inc. (specifications)

Total construction area (square feet): 109,000

Construction cost/square foot: Not available

Total construction cost (excluding land): Not available

fully: January 2021

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