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SAMMY WINWARD of Emmerdale shared photos with her twin daughters

Sammy Winward of Emmerdale shocked fans with pictures of her rare daughter Mia and her soap opera co-star, she looks just like her famous mom .

The 35-year-old actress proudly shared a photo of Mia, who turned 16 later this month, because she revealed that she was following in her footsteps.

After posting a professional portrait of adolescents taken by Colin Boulter, Sami gushed: “Next week I will be 16 years old ? @miawinwarddunn will follow in my footsteps (although she is a better actress than my age !)

“With the new agent @scream_management, the amazing new avatar of Colin [email protected]_photo_actors and enter the crazy world of performance. ???”

Mia’s sharp eyes, enviable bone structure and long blond hair make her a stand-in for her mother, who has previously shared her avatar on Instagram.

Sami’s followers were shocked by the similarity. One of them wrote: “She is definitely your stand-in, it’s great ??”

Sammy’s daughter Mia looks a lot like herCredit: Instagram/sammy_winward1

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