Meghan Markle’s latest news-According to experts, the Queen’s true view of the attacks on Prince Harry and the Duchess

Public reaction to Mrs. Colin Campbell’s request to cancel Harry’s title

Thousands of people signed an electronic petition from Mrs. Colin Campbell calling on Prince Harry to renounce his title, and some expressed anger at his “malicious comments” to his family.

A person posted at the bottom of Ms. C’s petition: “Harry said he felt’trapped’ in the royal family, and his father and brother were also’trapped’. Only through Megan can he escape… Harry, now May Root has helped you get rid of the’trapped’ life in the royal family. Surely you two want to give up the title related to this’terrible’ family you call it?”

Another commented: “He despises Britain and everything in his life, including his family and our royal family. I think he is hopeless. We cannot have such a person to inherit.”

An angry Royal fan said: “He has no right to insult our country.”

“He embarrassed Britain. I am personally tired of his dirty and malicious comments on his family, country and compatriots. He should return his title and go to the United States to live the life he desires so much. [sic],” another person wrote.

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