Honey’s Sit’N Eat permanently closes South Street store

The Philadelphia brunch staple Honey’s Sit’N Eat will not reopen its second branch on South Street, but will instead choose to focus on its North Liberty Restaurant.

The Graduate Hospital opened at 2101 South Street in 2013 and has been closed for a long time during the coronavirus pandemic. Its future is still uncertain, but an employee confirmed on Thursday that the popular restaurant will be permanently closed.

The owners Ellen Mogell and Jeb Woody told Inquirer Michael Klein believes that the decision was made because they are facing a contract renewal and believe that it is best not to overinvest in the second restaurant for a long time.

Mogell and Woody opened Honey’s Sit’N Eat on Fourth Street and Brown Street in 2005, and its menu combines Texas-Mexican and Jewish flavors. Since then, this restaurant has been a magnet for weekends, offering a cozy atmosphere and plenty of comfort food.

Northern Liberties recently changed its business hours from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 5 pm. Tables and staff have been added and the evening hours have been eliminated. The restaurant will continue to provide delivery and catering services.

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