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GW Harrison will continue his work that was interrupted before the pandemic.


GW Harrison

As a member of the impressive ABODE resident DJ, this rising rookie looks forward to fighting alongside Steve Lawler, So Solid Crew, DJ Hatcha, Mark Radford, Carnao Beats, Marcus Nasty, DJ Pioneer and more. At a world music festival. The event made its debut outside the capital and is expected to resume normal services on Saturday, June 26.For more information header Here.

We found him and asked him to talk to us through a series of music. You may want to hear his music at the festival.

Cashio-Dancing (With Me) (Original Mix)
“Feel good house and disco atmosphere with the festive energy of early summer.”

Moreno Pezzolato, Octavia-you want my feat. Octahvia (Qubiko Dub Remix)
“I will still return to this song. Love the atmosphere it brings.”

GW Harrison-Listen to My Soul (Extended Mix)
“Since we released it in the week we first locked in, I haven’t played it at the festival. When I make it for the festival season, it will be a very special moment for me.”

Yousef-Super (Original Mix)
“Pure festival piano penetration energy!”

Bohemien, Raf Parola-Feeling It (Original Mix)
“I have been carrying it for the past four years, and it has always been a good track choice.”

GW Harrison-I Make You Go (Original Mix)
“When I bring it back, I always get a good response.”

GW Harrison-When House embarks on a journey
“I play a lot less these days, but four years later, when I play it at a music festival, the song will still explode. After so long, the energy people get from it still surprises me.”

JazzyFunk-Love Me (Ferdinand Weber Remix)
“It makes me feel great. A happy, selfless track that always brings positive energy to the dance floor.”

Jamie River-Weight
“South American atmosphere-for me it is another summer music festival repertoire.”

K&K, Zero B-Locked

“This has the energy of a late night dark festival tent. I believe I was one of the first to play this. When I played it on the main stage of the 15k festival area that was sold out, this place became crazy. This is a Great moment.”

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