Fiz BANS Tyrone sees children in the custody battle, plus updates from EastEnders and Emmerdale

VI HIGHWAY and HONEY MITCHELL cooperate to establish STUART

The Violet Highway lets Stewart partner with Honey Mitchell, trying to separate him from Renee.

Violet recently announced that she has no plans to leave at the end of her visit-which scared Stewart and Ben.

Next week, Wei continued to ridicule Rainie and even criticized her and Abi’s arrangement of raising children together, which made her very angry.

Stuart told Rainie that he wanted to tell his nan about their plan to let Bernie be their agent, but Rainie refused.

Later in the bar, Wei was shocked to learn about Rainie’s twists and turns. When she found Honey, she made a plan.

Wei intercepted Hani, and when Stewart realized she was trying to arrange them, he was taken aback. Stewart takes Vi out of the bar, tells her that he is upset about her antics, and adds that Bernie will be their agent.

Wei was frightened, but when Rainie suddenly appeared, she changed her tone and announced that she would stay to get to know Bernie better, leaving Rainie to boil quietly.

Later, Stewart worried about his appointment at the fertility clinic, and Rennie was going to see another potential surrogate mother.

However, Vi succeeded in disrupting their two plans, and then threw a huge blockbuster at both of them.

What will it be?

Stewart tells Vi they plan to use Bernie as their agentCredit: BBC

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