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The Biden government is Prohibit Americans invest in dozens of Chinese defense and surveillance technology companies to prevent China from using US capital to undermine national security.

President Joe Biden signed an executive order on Thursday to prohibit investment in 59 companies, including large Chinese groups such as telecommunications equipment manufacturer Huawei and China’s largest chip manufacturer Semiconductor Manufacturing International. The Chinese military is very important.

This move expands former President Donald Trump’s command Last year, the bill prohibited investments in companies that the Pentagon expressed suspicion of ties to the People’s Liberation Army.

Senior US officials said that the ban will take effect on August 2. But investors can trade in the next 12 months to divest their holdings. Although Americans do not need to divest these securities, they will not be able to sell the securities they hold after the one-year period.

Coronavirus Digest

  • This we will Donate millions of excess doses Provide Covid-19 vaccine to countries around the world. Japan Leading the way in its commitment to Covax, Committed a total of 2.4 billion US dollars to fill the funding gap.

  • Global food prices Have The biggest surge in a decade, Intensifying people’s fears that inflation, initially triggered by the pandemic’s destruction, is accelerating.

  • Complaint Hundreds of ventilators bought Narendra Modi The ineffectiveness of the iconic Indian Recovery Fund has raised concerns about the charity’s spending.

  • This Rapid development of diagnosis Detecting Covid-19 is critical to grasping outbreaks, mutations and flu when it reappears. (Financial Times, Bloomberg)

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In the news

JPMorgan Chase applies for full control of Chinese securities companies The bank said on Thursday that it has submitted an application to Chinese regulators Buy 100% of the business, Higher than the current 71%, this is the latest example of Bank of America expanding its foothold in the country’s financial markets.

Biden is open to reducing corporate tax increases Joe Biden is Ready to give up his request According to people familiar with the matter, if enough Republicans agree to support a surge in infrastructure spending, the US corporate tax rate will increase.

Beijing cancels Hong Kong rally on Tiananmen Square Chinese Communist Party is ready Extinguish the last public event Commemorate the Tiananmen Square massacre on the territory controlled by Beijing. Like last year, the event was banned due to the pandemic, but activists believe that since the implementation of the National Security Law, Hong Kong people are unlikely to engage in mass resistance.

Hong Kongers commemorate the suppression of student protesters in Tiananmen Square in 1989 in June 2020.  © AFP via Getty Images

Hong Kongers commemorate the student protesters who suppressed Tiananmen Square in 1989 in June 2020 © AFP via Getty Images

Ant Group Obtains Consumer Finance License Chinese regulatorsRecognized by Jack Ma Ant Group The start of a new consumer finance company is the first concrete sign of the easing of tensions between Ant Financial and Beijing after it agreed to a “rectification” agreement in April.

Trump’s insistence on Chinese tariffs frustrates U.S. companies The unbalanced trade balance with China, the largest source of U.S. imports, has become a fixed factor in Donald Trump’s trade policy. He imposed tariffs on billions of dollars in Chinese goods.However, under Joe Biden’s leadership, most tariffs still exist, and some The American business community is increasingly anxious.

Jon Gold, vice president of the National Retail Federation, said: “Our new government has been in office for five months, and we still don’t know what China’s trade policy is.”

A breakthrough in the genetic code opens the door to advanced materials Researchers at the University of Cambridge Redesign the genetic code of microorganisms The creation of a synthetic cell whose function is different from anything in nature, opens up the possibility of new materials for everything from plastics to antibiotics.

New York to London 3.5 hours United Airlines purchased 15 aircraft from Denver-based startup Boom Supersonic. Able to fly at twice the speed As the fastest commercial jet aircraft today. Although these aircraft have not yet been approved or built, they are expected to operate on sustainable fuels, enabling them to “achieve net zero carbon emissions from day one.” (WaPo)

the day before

The 32nd Anniversary of the Tiananmen Massacre Although the city’s annual vigil has been banned for the second year in a row, Hong Kong people hope Other ways to commemorate the anniversary And keep the memory of the tragedy. (Wall Street Journal)

G7 Finance Ministers Meeting The group will hold a face-to-face meeting in London from June 4 to 5. The core element of the meeting is Proposed global corporate tax system Can agree.

What are we still reading

The unexpected strength of Osaka Naomi Osaka’s decision to avoid the media at the French Open — and the tournament itself — seems to be a sign that strength outweighs weakness. Joe Ellison wroteAs someone who described herself as very shy in past interviews, she realized that leaving her was regaining her power.

Follow the giant killer on Wall Street With only 22 employees and USD 240 million in assets under management, the No. 1 engine competed with ExxonMobil, the most powerful oil company in the United States, and won three seats on the board of directors. Its mission is for the future Be prepared without fossil fuels.But the No. 1 engine is No night flying clothing.

  • View: ExxonMobil’s unreasonable activists show that the world has changed, and it hasn’t. The question for other companies is whether they can learn less painfully, Andrew Edgecliffe-Johnson writes.

The British try to save American bookstores from Amazon Precious future Bookstore experience In the age of Amazon, the pressure prevailing in e-books and brick-and-mortar retailers is far from certain. Much depends on James Daunt, the benevolent dictator of the English bookstore. His most difficult task: to attract Americans back to Barnes & Noble.

Daunt’s unique style: Recommend books that he and his employees actually read and like, not the publisher’s favorite

Daunt’s unique style is to recommend books that he and his employees actually read and like, rather than the publisher’s favorite. © Illustration by Guillem Casasús.Charlie Bibby Photography

With the development of artificial intelligence, the debate about profit and ethics is also developing A lot of public attention is rightly focused on the worrying uses of artificial intelligence, such as killer robots or ubiquitous facial recognition technology. But what is still unknowable is that if artificial intelligence is not fully utilized in a responsible way, the benefits it brings to society may be lost. John Thornhill wrote.

Silicon Valley is betting on disrupting traditional finance In the past year, the fastest-growing cryptocurrency startups are those that aim to abolish financial intermediaries—— Such as Uniswap -Bring in a new group of venture capitalists and generate returns that are the envy of more conservative peers.

How the U.S. Used Car Market Drives Inflation Unusually, officials are watching Used car prices Closely used as an indicator of the future path of inflation. If price increases spread to other parts of the economy, the United States may face prolonged overheating for the first time in decades, posing a challenge to the Federal Reserve and policymakers.

Today’s Podcast

Belarus: more than just a moral dilemma Belarus decided to transfer the plane to Minsk to arrest a dissident journalist in order to convey a message to opponents of President Alexander Lukashenko. However, the bill again triggered international condemnation and called for sanctions against the Lukashenko regime.In this episode of Rahman’s comments, Gideon talked to the Belarusian political adviser Katia Glod Now the whole world is paying attention to Belarus, what will happen next.

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