Can Philadelphia get another professional football team in 2022?

The NFL announced on Thursday that it will return to the game for the first time since the organization went out of business in the mid-1980s.

The league stated that its goal is to have at least eight teams at the start of the 2022 game, and the original league’s team names may return. The league said that more information about potential cities, teams, head coaches and game schedules will be announced later.

“We look forward to providing players with a new opportunity to compete in professional football leagues, and to provide fans all over the world with the best football viewing products in a period when there is usually no professional football,” USFL co-founder Brian Woods Say.

Beginning in 1983, the USFL originally played in the spring and summer. This is a new version of the plan so that it does not have to compete with the NFL and college football. The league had 12 teams in its first season and eventually had as many as 18 teams.

However, only three years later, after the end of the 1985 season, the National Football League decided to switch to the fall of the 1986 season and compete directly with the NFL, after which the National Football League collapsed. Attempts to change seasons and subsequent antitrust lawsuits against the NFL almost bankrupted the USFL, forcing the latter to cease operations.

But with the news that the USFL is expected to return in the spring of 2022, can the league bring a team back to Philadelphia and provide the city with a second professional football team?

The Philadelphia Stars can be said to be the most successful team in the original USFL. Owned by real estate tycoon Myles Tanenbaum (Myles Tanenbaum), he initially wanted to nickname them “Stallions” in memory of Rocky Balboa, who was the star team during the 1983 and 1984 seasons Playing at the Veterans Stadium. Due to a conflict with the Phillies schedule, the team also played several playoff games at Franklin Stadium in 1984.

In those two years, the star team created the best USFL record, won two Atlantic Division and Eastern Conference championships, and appeared in the USFL Championship in both seasons. In the 1983 championship game in Denver, the Stars lost to the Michigan Panthers, but the team rebounded and defeated the Arizona Wranglers in Tampa in 1984 to win the USFL championship.

Coached by Jim Mora, he will continue to be the NFL head coach of the Saints and Colts. The Stars are full of talent.

The former NFL quarterback and Penn State University star Chuck Fusina was the MVP of the 1984 championship game and the most outstanding quarterback in the USFL that year. In 1983, Kelvin Bryant (Kelvin Bryant) became the Super Bowl champion of the Washington football team. He was the league MVP.

Sean Landetta will continue to be one of the greatest NFL bettors of all time, winning seven full-professional player selections, two professional bowl nods and two Super Bowl titles with the Giants. Landta returned to Philadelphia and played for the Eagles in the 1999-2002 and 2005 seasons.

Linebacker Sam Mills’ NFL career with the Saints and Panthers is also very good, because he has been selected to the Pro Bowl five times and was selected as an All-Pro player three times.

However, as the USFL tried to shift its schedule to the fall, the team was forced to relocate because it was unable to play at the Veterans Stadium at the same time as the Eagles.

After the NFL’s Baltimore Colts notoriously left Indianapolis in the middle of the night, the Stars moved to Baltimore in the 1985 season. In 1985, before the collapse of the league, the team won the USFL championship again.

Now, as the USFL focuses on returning to the game during the NFL offseason, one would think that this cleared the way for the second professional football team to return to Philadelphia next spring.

However, history is not friendly to professional football leagues that try to make a big splash in the NFL’s dominance throughout the year.

The original XFL only played for one season in 2001 before going out of business. The league returned to the game in 2020, but with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, it closed again five weeks after the start of its first season. XFL is now owned by a group consisting of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and is expected to return to the game in 2022.

The American Football League, or AAF more simply, could not even complete the entire 2019 inaugural season before going bankrupt.

Perhaps the most successful alternative professional football league to date is the Arena Football League. Beginning in 1987, AFL lasted for 32 years until it closed in 2019.

Similar to the USFL, the concept of indoor arena football succeeded in Philadelphia. The Soul is the last professional football team to choose from in the city and one of the last six AFL teams before the league disbanded two years ago.

The Soul was founded by Jon Bon Jovi in ??2004, playing games at Wells Fargo Center and Spectrum. The team has won 3 AFL championships, 4 division championships, 4 division championships and 11 playoff appearances.

Even after the AFL suspended the business in 2009, former Eagles quarterback Ron Jaworski bought the team and put the soul back into action in 2011 after a two-year lockout.

The reborn NFL is unlikely to dominate the NFL in American professional sports, but if the NFL wants to achieve long-term success, bringing the franchise back to Philadelphia is definitely a breeze.

For the Phillies, there are not too many things like football, and the success of the star team and the soul team shows that the city can and will accept the replacement of the Eagles. The USFL team’s fan base in the area will never reach the same height as the Birds, but it can rely on a dedicated fan base to watch games at Lincoln Financial Field or any stadium it calls home.

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