Actor Liu Simu frankly posted on Facebook as the producer of convenience

Actor Liu Simu, he is an integral part of CBC’s award-winning comedy The convenience of gold, Published a frank post on Facebook on Wednesday, detailing his workplace culture on the show.

As the final season aired on Canadian Netflix, the Canadian actor criticized its “overwhelmingly white” producer for discounting Asian actors’ investment, and revealed that the actor’s remuneration was an “absolute horse dung rate” and the show host “Very secluded.”

He said in the post: “We are a group of Asian Canadians. They have a lot of life experience to learn from and provide to writers.”

In March of this year, after the acclaimed sitcom was renewed for its sixth season, it was suddenly cancelled after five seasons. The show announced that co-creators Ins Choi and Kevin White will move to other projects.

In a previous interview with CBC NewsActor and starring Lee Sun Hyung said that Choi told the actor at the end of January that he would leave the show.

Li said that without Cui, the show could not go on.

gold‘s is so unique because you have an all-Asian actor. If you don’t have an Asian, he is part of the production team, then the optics looks terrible,” he said.

“Unfortunately, as far as the current industry is concerned, it is difficult to find someone with this ability to intervene and replace someone like Cui Yingjun.”

Before that, Liu Talk bluntly about the ending of the show on social media, Said the show’s screenwriting room lacked East Asian representation and women, as well as “channels” to bring in more diverse talents.

“Except for Ins, there are no other Korean voices in the room,” he wrote.

He said that after Cui left, Liu expressed interest in following the director or attending the writer’s room meeting to fill the gap.

“Many of the people in our crew are well-trained screenwriters, and their ideas and ideas will only become more mature over time. But these doors have never been opened to us in any meaningful way.”

Erren Co-founder Amanda Joy previously told CBC News that the cancellation The convenience of gold An important question about Asian representatives was raised in the Canadian media: Why is that the only show?

Over the years, the production of the show has been trying to establish contact with the entire community. In 2019, Choi partnered with the Toronto Regent’s Park Film Festival to provide 6 hours of A televised writing seminar for eight writers of color. Showrunners also led a A week-long writer’s room At the Alberta Theater in 2018, he directed emerging and diverse writers to develop actual storylines for the show.

Actors turn to new projects

While at the same time King’s Convenience have Closed, there are still plans to split with the actor Nicole Ball, who played Shannon on the show.

“It’s very difficult for me. I love Nicole and I am proud of her, and I hope this show will be a success for her,” Liu wrote in his post, “but I’m still The situation is unsatisfactory. The character gets her own performance.

“It’s not that they will ask, but I will firmly refuse to replay my role in any capacity.”

Andrew Phung, an actor who grew up in Calgary who played Kimchee on the show, will also appear in his own show. Run Burbs, Created by Phung and film producer Scott Townend.

Kim’s Convenience stars Andrew Phung and Nicole Power have their own shows. Phung will play a full-time father in Run the Burbs with an entrepreneurial wife and two children. Power will play her Kim character Shannon Ross in the spin-off series Strays. (CBC/Canada Press)

Liu shouted The convenience of gold The producer ended the show and commented on how CBC and Netflix “just license it.”

On Wednesday, CBC announced Liu as the co-creator of the new CBC Gem series named Hello again), With Canadian writer and producer Nathalie Younglai. This youth romance drama is scheduled to be released in the winter of 2022.

The convenience of gold We have achieved good results on CBC and we are excited about Simu’s new project,” said Chuck Thompson, CBC’s director of public affairs, who declined to comment further.

“This is not where we speak for the producer or Liu Simu.”

The convenience of gold The manufacturer did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

“I want to be part of the sixth season”

Liu tried to overturn his thoughts since he landed in the Marvel superhero movie Shangqi and the legend of the ten rings, Scheduled to be released this fall, he will become “too Hollywood” and dismissive of opportunities in Canada.

“I want to be part of the sixth season… I love this show and everything it stands for. I have witnessed firsthand how deeply it affects families and brings people together,” he wrote .

Liu plays Jung Kim, the estranged son of the Kim family and the local mainstay of Handy Car Rental, and describes the “increasing frustration” of the way his character is portrayed.

After announcing that his co-creator switched to other projects, Kim’s convenience was cancelled after five seasons. (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation)

Regarding the dynamics of the show, Liu said: “We don’t always get along well”, and he “often feels like a strange person or a problem child.”

He admitted that his personal insecurity was related to neglected award nominations and new opportunities, resulting in a heated atmosphere.

Liu said he was “deeply saddened” by many unfulfilled narratives, including the reconciliation between Li and Liu’s father-son roles, Apa and Jung.

He said that now his dissatisfaction has not changed how he feels about how it all started.

“I still believe in what this show once represented; brilliant examples of what happens when the gates collapse and minorities have a chance to shine.”

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