Weather forecast UK LIVE-So far, the hottest day in 2021 is 29C hay fever hell, but the Meteorological Bureau issued a thunderstorm warning

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Open the window when it gets colder:

At night, the temperature will start to drop, which means it’s time to open the window-and be sure to open a window while you sleep (if it is safe to do so).

The windows should be closed during the hottest days of the day, but once the heat starts to drop, you can open the windows to let the cool evening breeze in.

The temperature will drop significantly at night, so opening the windows at night will allow cool air to circulate around the house-it should also help you sleep better.

Treat yourself to some new indoor plants:

2021 is the year of indoor plants, and now the hot weather will give you more reasons to increase your collection; indoor plants can help cool the house in warm weather because they consume hot air in natural processes.

When the atmosphere heats up, plants usually release excess water from their leaves into the air-so they cool themselves and their surroundings.

Some of the best plants include rubber plants, Chinese evergreen trees, palm trees, mother-in-law’s tongue, and banyan trees.

Turn off the light:

You may remember that in middle school science classes, light bulbs get hot.

When the temperature is already hot, it is best to avoid any additional light or heat sources!

In addition, you can also save electricity bills-this is a win-win situation!

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