The busy section of I-76 West near the King of Prussia was reduced to one lane throughout the summer

As PennDOT begins its cesspool repair project in Montgomery County, in the next few months, motorists along the westbound lane of Interstate 76 should prepare for delays or seek alternative travel routes.

The transportation agency began work on the westbound Interstate 76 collector/distributor ramp from Upper Merrion to U.S. Route 202 and U.S. Route 422 on Tuesday, reducing traffic to a single lane, which is expected to continue until early October .

I-76 Sinkhole Service MapSource/ PennDOT

The dealership road is where the driver exits the Schuylkill Highway and enters US 202 or US 422. The 24-hour closure means that traffic may become a bigger problem on already busy road sections.

“During the long-term lane closure of the westbound I-76 collector/distributor ramp, all intersections will remain open. However, it is recommended that drivers use alternative routes or allow extra time when crossing the work area because of important backups. And delays will happen,” PennDOT said in a press release.

About halfway through the project, the staff will switch temporary barriers and draw lines and move their work to the correct lane until the work is completed.

Tiankeng on the distributor road Opening in April, Causing the main traffic in the area. The road has been repaved, but PennDOT stated that additional work is needed to ensure the long-term stability of the highway.

The 14-mile span between Philadelphia and the King of Prussia serves more than 130,000 cars per day, which means that for the foreseeable future, a four-month deceleration during the busy travel season should be included in motorists’ plans.

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