Hawks rookie NFL player comparison: Devonta Smith

During this half-dead period of the offseason, we will compare each of the Hawks’ rookies with current and/or former NFL players. We will start the series with the Hawks’ first-round pick (nonsense) DeVonta Smith.

Who does Smith remind me of?

Smith’s most obvious and most frequent player is Marvin Harrison, Regardless of age, you should know who. Harrison played for the Colts from 1996 to 2008, leading the NFL twice in catches and yards, and once in the TDs. During his career in the Hall of Fame, Harrison was a high-capacity receiver. He received 1,102 (fifth in history), 14,580 yards (ninth in history), and 128 TDs (fifth in history).

Harrison is under 6’0, and weighed 181 pounds on the NFL combine harvester in 1996. He spent his entire career as a short catcher. He won a lot by running on an excellent route. The separation, but rarely drops the ball, and threatens all three levels of defense.

But besides that, he may also be the most stable star catcher of his era, because he has received at least 80 passes in 8 consecutive seasons and has received 1,100 yards, including his at least 100 catches. Four years and 1,400 yards to catch the ball, playing in a full-load offense. Similarly, Smith’s last two years in Alabama has accumulated a lot of data in a full offense, surpassing the first-round picks of Jerry Jedi, Henry Lagos and Jaylen Wardell, and John · Mechi’s possible future first-round picks.

Even in terms of style, Smith’s behavior on the court is similar to Harrison. After touchdowns, just like Barry Sanders, Harrison is always a man who “hands the ball to the official”. This highlight of Harrison’s 2006 season reminds me of the highlights of Smith that I have watched. The most notable thing is that he is not a 4.3 guy, but he turned it on. It is a weapon after receiving the ball and knows how to play position. .

As you can see in this crazy feature collection of Smith, they are very similar in style.

This is a good combination, butSince it feels a bit boring to reuse Harrison’s name again, I will throw two more combinations.

Isaac Bruce, Rams and 49ers: Bruce is another short-bodied member of the Hall of Fame. Before Kurt Warner and “The Greatest Show on the Grass” happened, he was a rare good player on some crappy Rams in the first five years of his career.

Like Harrison, Bruce has been a short catcher throughout his career. When he was under 6’0 and weighed 173 pounds in joint training in 1994, his physique was even bigger than Harrison. small. Smith weighed 166 pounds in the pre-draft physical examination, which is notorious.

Bruce is more of a threat-oriented player because he averaged more than 15 yards per catch for most of his career, and Harrison is more of a high-volume man. Despite this, Bruce can still win at all three levels of defense, separate, capture highlights and more.

Emmanuel Sanders, Steelers, Broncos, Ninas, Saints: Then, if we want to set the standard a little lower than a few Hall of Famers, then it reminds me that Smith’s current player is Sanders, and his figure is also very similar (2010 5’11, 186 years old joint) , But he plays bigger than his actual size and is an internal and external player because of his excellent line running and stickiness.

Obviously, these are some lofty comparisons, but I think they are fair, as long as Smith can prove that he can last in his career.

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