Coronavirus UK News-Three-quarters of adults receive their first jab because the UK has recorded zero deaths

Most parents believe that playing outside of this summer vacation is vital to physical and mental health

A survey shows that nearly four-fifths of parents believe that playing outdoors this summer is very important to their children’s health.

According to the NSPCC charity report, more than half (58%) of people believe their children are more lonely during the coronavirus pandemic.

This poll of 1,036 British parents with children between the ages of 3 and 12 showed that 65% of parents said that since the beginning of the pandemic, their children have spent more time indoors, and 70% have played with friends The time is reduced.

About two-thirds (68%) of parents believe that since the pandemic began, play has become more important to their children, and 79% believe that playing outdoors is vital to their children’s health this summer.

A YouGov poll conducted in May showed that during the pandemic, children had more art and creativity (57%), played more online (66%), and played pretend games (38%).

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