West Philadelphia Porchfest 2021: Local musicians will perform for free during the festival

West Philadelphia Porchfest will return to 2021 on Saturday, June 5. During the Community Music Festival, musicians perform for free The porch of the people who live nearby.

You can walk through West Philadelphia between noon and 6 pm to watch many different Porchfest performances. Bring your own lawn chair or blanket to participate in the activity.

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This Porch map Show the location and music style of the pop-up concert.The show starts at noon, 2pm and 4pm

West Philly Porchfest was initiated by five community residents in 2016.Due to COVID-19, the festival could not be held last year, but IThe 2019 Porchfest includes more than 175 performances on nearly 100 different porches.

West Philadelphia Portico Festival

Saturday, June 5
Noon to 6 pm | Free
West Philadelphia

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