Weather Forecast UK News-Britons will be toasted in a “hot wind” of 27 degrees Celsius this week, marking the beginning of a 10-day June heat wave

The weather on the BBC before June 11 said “Okay, it may be dry weather”

Between June 2 and 11, “At the beginning of this period, there may still be a lot of large areas of dry weather, showers may be heavy, there may be thunder, and there may be long periods of rain in the south and west. This country It’s been a while,” the BBC said.

It added: “The temperature in the first week is likely to remain at or above average.

“By the end of the period, there was a sign of a more general cooling trend, returning to a more average temperature.

“A wide range of sunny and dry weather may persist, but the risk of showers will also persist; these unstable conditions are most likely to occur in the north and northwest of the country, and the situation in the southeast is more stable.”

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