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The Israeli opposition parties united to try Form a minority government This could result in the election of Benjamin Netanyahu, the country’s longest-term prime minister, and lead to the country’s fifth general election in two years.

The self-proclaimed “government of change” must now submit its plan to President Leuven Rivlin. If he approves the proposal, the 120-seat Knesset must vote on the proposal, and this process will take at least a week to arrange.

The plan still has potential challenges: the minority government will need the support of the four-seat Islamic party Ram to form a government with a threshold of more than 61 seats. If Netanyahu can persuade at least one member of the right-wing party in the planned coalition to defect, he can destroy the vast majority of what his opponents are pursuing.

Coronavirus digestion

  • Vietnam says have New coronavirus variant detected Combines the functions of variants first discovered in India and the UK.

  • Malaysia Will start on June 1st Locked for two weeks These include closed factories and shopping centers.

  • Japan Preparing to announce the expansion of Covid-19 State of emergency Until June 20, just one month before the opening of the Tokyo Olympics.

  • Desperate business Hong Kong Reopening to provide cash, extra holidays and even lottery prizes to encourage employees and residents Vaccination.

  • Opposite school London face Cut budget and possibly close With the pandemic and Brexit accelerated the decline in student numbers. (The Straits Times “Financial Times”)

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In the news

U.S. regulators say they will play a bigger role in the cryptocurrency market U.S. financial authorities are preparing to adopt a Play a more active role in regulation In the $150 million cryptocurrency market, there is growing concern that the lack of proper supervision may harm depositors and investors.

“It actually comes down to coordination between the various agencies,” Michael Hsu, the currency’s acting controller, told the Financial Times. “Just talking with some of my companions, I am interested in coordinating more of these things.”

Governor of Iran’s central bank leaves as president Abdolnaser Hemmati was originally Be fired The government said that his campaign for the presidential election next month interfered with his official duties as central bank governor. One of his representatives, Akbar Komijani, has taken over as the governor of the central bank.

Texas will pass strict new voting restrictions Republicans are ready to approve a new law Strengthen voting restrictions In the second most populous country in the United States, the party has recently taken positive action to restrict vote access nationwide.

Russia grants US$500 million in loans to Belarus Moscow has agreed to release Provided $500 million in credit to Minsk And hope to increase the number of flights between the two countries, because the Kremlin doubled its support after Alexander Lukashenko was forced to land a passenger flight that caused Western condemnation.

Russian President Vladimir Putin confirmed his support for Alexander Lukashenko at the Sochi meeting © Sergei Ilyin / Sputnik / AP

Russian President Vladimir Putin confirmed his support for Alexander Lukashenko at the Sochi meeting © Sergei Ilyin / Sputnik / AP

U.S. demands the release of American journalists in Myanmar Washington calls on the military government Release Danny Finster right away, The executive editor of the English-language news publication Frontier Myanmar, who was detained while trying to leave the country, said he was “deeply concerned” about the matter.

Republicans stop deadly attack on U.S. Capitol Republicans in the U.S. Senate have Frustrated efforts to establish a bipartisan committee The investigation into the January 6th attack on the U.S. Capitol is the latest evidence of Donald Trump’s lasting influence in his party.

The Russian organization supporting SolarWinds’ espionage targeted the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Last year, Russian hackers who invaded several U.S. government agencies hijacked the email system used by the development agency United States Agency for International Development (USAID), which targets more than 150 government agencies, human rights organizations, and non-governmental organizations around the world. Speaking of Microsoft.

One day in the future

India’s quarterly growth statistics The Central Bureau of Statistics will release its gross domestic product today estimate March quarter and full year. Data for the fourth quarter of 2020 Will also be released. (Indian Express Mint)

100th Anniversary of the Tulsa Genocide The Greenwood community in Tulsa, Oklahoma was once one of the wealthiest black communities in the United States. But on May 31, 1921, A white mob rushed into the neighborhoodAt least 38 people were wasted, making them wasted on the “Black Wall Street” and leaving behind the dark wealth of the community. (Wall Street Journal)

What are we still reading

Hong Kong’s dilemma: “Shut up or leave” There are thousands of people in China Apply for a UK visa After the country Promise to become a citizen Applicable to up to 3 million Hong Kong people who hold or are eligible to obtain a British National (Overseas) passport. Now, it includes the right to stay in the UK-a change in response to China’s new national security law.

Residents' attitude towards leaving Hong Kong permanently

Will the workers come back? Bizarre Covid development: Large labor shortages in rich countries Even if there are still millions of people without jobs. Pilita Clark wrote that when economists debate the causes and consequences of this phenomenon, the rest of us can only marvel at the sudden change in labor conditions a few months ago.

The Tokyo Tree War further weakened Japan’s Olympic enthusiasm More and more people say with indignation that dozens of trees must be cut down to make room for the “Olympic Live Zone”, which provides a lot of ingenuity for the game (the current global pandemic) (in addition to the global epidemic) Package, Leo Lewis wrote.

Wall Street and China’s new love affair
In an era that is increasingly defined by geopolitical competition and the promotion of economic “decoupling”, the US financial industry has already Never so close to China’s wealth. The most legendary companies on Wall Street are integrating into the country more deeply than ever.

Five lessons from 25 years of corporate wealth creation The new white paper from the McKinsey Global Institute provides five suggestions for policymakers and business leaders to debate the role of business in society. These include: the rewards of the superstar economy must be shared more equally, Rana Foroohar wrote.

From 1994-96 to 2016-18, the value flow chart for each dollar of change in the company's revenue, it shows the changes in the country/region path in the past 25 years.Capital income increased the most, labor income increased the least

Video of the day

Why every Dogecoin has a day-cryptocurrency explained Katie Martin, market editor of the Financial Times, and Adam Samson, market news editor Explain the most speculative asset classes And tokens designed as jokes about online dog pictures are now worth billions of dollars.

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