Brooke Vincent of Coronation Street tells of the “horrible” birth, she gave birth before the C-section

Brooke Vincent is going to have a C-section before giving birth, which shows her fear.

This actorPlaying Sophie Webster on Coronation Street is best known for choosing elective surgery after complications after the birth of her first son Mexx.


Brooke Vincent reveals her birthday experienceImage source: Instagram

But she went to the hospital early, and greeted the baby Monroe on 8.14 am on May 4, which was the same time Meeks was born.

When talking about the “horrible” birth, the 28-year-old told Ok!magazine: “This time my birth is more complicated.

“I was booked at 11 am on May 4th. I plan to take Mexx to the nursery, but I go to work at 2 am. I really don’t know if I am working. Because I didn’t mean to go in the morning!”

Brooke and her partner Keane welcomed Monroe last week


Brooke and her partner Keane welcomed Monroe last week

Brooke, who owns Sheffield United partner Kean Bryan, said she didn’t tell anyone until she was completely sure that she was actually doing work.

Once she went to the hospital, her water broke, but she had to wait until she could have a C-section.

She continued: “We went to the hospital, but someone is already in the theater, because, of course, my appointment has to wait until later.

Brooke gave birth with Monroe before scheduled C-section


Brooke gave birth with Monroe before scheduled C-section
Brooke and Keane are already Mexx's parents


Brooke and Keane are already Mexx’s parents

“But I have already given birth, so I feel panic because before I go to work, my headache will be the same as my first child, and I just hope they can get me on board as soon as possible.”

Once she entered the theater, the doctors tried to drive Monroe out of the hospital due to the previous scar tissue, and things didn’t go so well.

In the end, they had to rescue him with tweezers, and Brook had to wait an hour until she hugged him for the first time.

Last week, Brook shared a black and white photo of the newborn’s leg and wrote: “?Tuesday, May 4th at 8.14 am; at the same time as his big brother…our little boy came to this world.

“Monroe SJ Brian, you have added so much love and happiness to our little family! Me, your father and brother are with you ??”

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