After Knickerbocker Glory survived, Dita Von Teese was revealed to be beetroot

Funny beetroot

Now that Dita Von Teese has been exposed as beetroot, it seems that the clues are always there.

The burlesque dancer has been touring the UK this month, which means she can squeeze into the appearance of her masked dancer.

But Dita found it difficult to keep things quiet.

She said: “It’s not easy. I will be asked a lot of questions, especially because I was in London for a month. Traveling was really difficult at the time. Some people have not given up trying to figure this out.

“Most people around me guessed that I was participating in the top-secret Drag Race episode, or occasionally they would guess Masked Singer, so of course I would say,’I will never!’ This is completely correct. The scene Singing is my worst nightmare.”

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