Tottenham Hotspur is interested in the transfer of Gabriel Jesus and may reach an agreement with players including Harry Kane plus cash

According to reports, if Manchester City give Gabriel Jesus cash, Tottenham may want to part ways with Harry Kane.

If any team wants to buy the Spurs this summer, Spurs chairman Daniel Levy (Daniel Levy) will try to get the best deal for Kane.

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Gabriel Jesus disappointed after losing the Champions League final against Chelsea on SaturdayCredit: GETTY IMAGES
Kane decided he was leaving Tottenham

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Kane decided he was leaving TottenhamCredit: GETTY IMAGES

But according to Daily Star, The Spurs are interested in Brazilian forward Jesus-thus opening up the possibility of cash + swaps for Kane.

Jesus He is worth £70 million, and if Manchester City can buy it at the same price, Tottenham Hotspur is likely to want to sell.

boss Guardiola May be reluctant to let go of the 24-year-old because of urban legends Sergio Aguero is leaving this summer.

but city There are other players that can choose to be included in the possible switch.

Dutch defender Nathan Ake may be one of Tottenham’s players-the 26-year-old has only played 13 games for Manchester City throughout the season.

Any transaction must be put on hold until Tottenham Hotspur Sort out their management issues.

And it is possible Mauricio Pochettino returns to the card, Kane might want to stay.

Kane traveled to England as a Euro this summer, The future is unlikely to be determined before the end of the game.

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on Kane’s In the future, England boss Gareth Southgate said: “He knows how important this is at this moment.

“What happened in his club is important to him and Tottenham Hotspur. In the past few days, he has apparently made some remarks, although in many ways it is out of date .

“For a full discussion here, I think it is unlikely that the transfer transaction will be completed when we leave.

“When we held training camp in September, the situation was different. Many times we were on the deadline, and from time to time, we had to facilitate medical treatment or meetings between players and managers.

“I am very realistic about these things.

“We will not stop the phone from ringing-we cannot control the conversations that are taking place in private-but I think most transactions are done at the end of the game or the first week after the end of the season.

“I hope to fully cooperate with our players after the game.”

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After Mourinho’s salary frenzy, what every Tottenham player can earn
Harry Kane will not withdraw from Tottenham Hotspur during Euro 2020 because England boss Gareth Southgate wants to transfer after that

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