“Too much British cheese”?British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on trade, climate cooperation

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson hopes that Canada and the United Kingdom can reach a permanent agreement on how much British cheese can enter Canada, which is only part of a comprehensive free trade agreement scheduled to be negotiated this fall.

In an exclusive interview broadcast on Sunday by Rosemary Barton, Chief Political Correspondent of CBC News, Johnson told CBC News that Rosemary Barton, Chief Political Correspondent of CBC News, had negotiated a transition agreement last year. In the negotiations, the unwillingness to “allow too much British cheese to seduce the taste of Canadians” is the crux of the problem. Rosemary Button Live.

Johnson said: “What is really needed now is cheaper and better quality British cheese in Canada. I hope we can reach an agreement.”

Canada and the UK are done Transitional trade agreement In November, it became necessary because of Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union.

However, the agreement does not include a lasting agreement reached by British cheese producers on market access, but temporarily maintains the system established under the free trade agreement between Canada and the European Union.

Johnson had a conversation with CBC’s Barton at the mansion at 10 Downing Street in London on Friday. (Adrian Di Virgilio / CBC)

In recent years, the federal government has concluded a series of trade agreements, including the “U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement” and the “Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement” between Canada and the European Union. This is a controversial entry into the Canadian supply-managed dairy market. problem. .

“We are very worried that dairy products may be related to it, but we are very happy to see that the government has excluded dairy products imports in this particular trade agreement. Now we know that this is a temporary agreement that will be renewed within three years. This makes them I’m happy. It’s time for negotiations,” said David Wiens, vice president of Canada’s dairy industry, after signing the Canada-UK deal in November 2020.

At about the same time, an adviser from the British National Farmers’ Federation said: “In these negotiations, the UK’s priority should be to ensure that our cheese producers have more opportunities.”

Johnson pointed out that he bought a “big and burly bike” made in Canada-referring to Montreal Paid bicycle -When he was the mayor of London, he proved his sincerity in free trade.

“We are beginners to crime”

The Prime Minister also discussed the issue of cooperation in tackling climate change and pointed out that he is satisfied with Canada’s emission reduction targets, but “I’m not saying you can’t go further.”

Britain has one Actively reduce emissions The 2030 target is 68% lower than the 1990 level, while the Canadian target is 40% to 45% lower than the 2005 level.

Johnson emphasized his government’s efforts to secure US$100 billion in direct investment from rich countries every year to guide developing countries’ efforts to take climate action.

Johnson said: “After all, we are in the UK. I am afraid to say that we are the first. We are beginners to crime.”

“We owe [developing countries] Now support them to speed up their pace toward zero net worth.Otherwise it’s unfair, I think Justin [Trudeau] It’s totally understandable,” he said.

Johnson has repeatedly stated that his government and Trudeau’s government are in a “harmonious” state on the issue of climate change.

You can watch the entire episode of Rosemary Barton’s live broadcast CBC Gem, CBC’s streaming media service.

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