The truth about fake Google reviews; despite profits, bank fees are still rising: CBC’s market checklist

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When customers yell and profits rise, ask the bank to raise fees

During the pandemic, many Canadians continued to struggle financially, and some questioned why large Canadian banks raised their fees even though they continued to see profit growth.

Customers with TD, CIBC, Bank of Montreal and Scotiabank recently contacted Go Public to learn about the additional or upcoming charges for a series of accounts, products and services.

Kisan Gunjal said from his home in Milton, Ontario: “This is actually not the right time for the bank to raise any fees.” “We have to insert the moral part.”

The bank told Go Public that these additions were made after careful consideration, and other options are available to customers. read more

A CBC News investigation found that fake Google review networks spread throughout North America because a business owner tried to cope with the consequences of watching his Google score plummeting by watching fake reviews. 8:04

Fake Google reviews deceived customers and hurt businesses

If you’ve searched for the name of a company on the Internet, you’ve probably seen the company’s Google reviews. The rating system is an easy way to assess the quality of your business before spending your hard-earned money there. But not all reviews are necessarily accurate, or even true.

A CBC News survey found that there is a common problem with the popular star rating system-an evolving black market where some companies pay for false positive reviews, while others appear to be blackmailed by online companies and they post negative reviews. , And then propose their “comment-fix” service to delete it.

Using data collection and analysis techniques, the survey classified only one fake comment network: 1,279 North American companies that established connections through 208 fake accounts posted 3,574 fake comments.

Google stated in an email that its system “checks every comment before posting to Google Maps for signs of inauthentic content,” but also admitted that “they are not perfect because untrue comments may Appear from time to time.” read more

market have Investigated fake listings and comments on Google Previously, in January 2020, our team investigated fake locksmith items and reviews.We also investigated fake reviews Related to the home appliance repair industry October 2020.

During the pandemic, several customers of large Canadian banks were frustrated by the increase in bank fees, and they approached Go Public. After each of the five large banks reported billions of dollars in profits in the first quarter of this year, fees rose. 2:05

Want to make your house more energy efficient?New grants up to $5,000 may be a start

The Canadian government is launching a new program that will provide Canadians with grants of up to 5,000 Canadian dollars to pay for energy-efficient residential upgrades.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Minister of Natural Resources Seamus O’Regan launched the Canadian Green House Grant Program on Thursday, which is worth approximately $2.6 billion in seven years. To help homeowners upgrade heaters, install solar panels and replace doors and windows.

Homeowners will receive a grant of up to US$5,000 for energy-efficient renovation of their main residence, and a grant of up to US$600 to help assess household energy costs. read more

Justin Trudeau spoke in a video on Capitol Hill on Thursday. 1:25

Is there anything else?

Auditors found that the Federal Health Service is not yet ready to respond to the needs of pandemic influenza
AG Karen Hogan’s comments stated that the Public Health Agency of Canada failed to resolve the issue of inventory management.

Ontario says more long-term care homes are air-conditioned, but still not all residents’ rooms
Last summer, the Ford government promised to install air conditioners in residents’ rooms.

Court rules NEXUS card cannot be cancelled due to minor violations of the rules
Hundreds of people are evicted by the NEXUS Trusted Traveler Program every year.

These bicycle pedals have been recalled due to the danger of falling
Consumers should immediately stop using the affected pedals and bring the bicycle or pedal to the Trek retailer to replace and install the pedals for free.

These steamers are in danger of burns
Consumers should stop using the product and contact HSN for information on how to obtain a full or partial refund.

These “Father’s Farm” brand almond products may cause cyanide poisoning
If the affected product is in your home, do not eat it.

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