Ontario will replace Dr. David Williams as Chief Medical Officer of the Ministry of Health

The Minister of Health of Ontario announced on Sunday that the Ontario government will replace Dr. David Williams as the Chief Medical Officer of the Ministry of Health in June.

Christine Elliott said in a press release that Williams is scheduled to retire on June 25. He will be replaced by Dr. Kieran Moore, the current health officer of the Kingston, Frontenak, Lennox and Addington Public Health Departments. Moore is expected to take office on June 26.

Williams was originally scheduled to retire a few months ago, but the move was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and he has held the position for five years.

The press release stated that the government of Prime Minister Doug Ford (Doug Ford) will propose a motion in the legislature on Monday for the formal appointment.

From June 7, Moore is expected to adapt to Williams’ work.

Elliott said: “Moore’s years of public health work experience is crucial because we are beginning to phase out public health measures.”

Moore thanked the government for its “great honor,” and he said he did not take responsibility for this work lightly.

Moore was quoted as saying: “If I am appointed as the next health director of the province, I will be unwaveringly committed to fighting COVID-19 and will provide the government with all necessary advice to ensure the health and safety of all Ontario residents. .” Said in the release.

Among other duties, the chief medical officer of health also provides advice on public health affairs to the health department and the government. The appointment is usually five years, and the second term may be five years.

Elliott thanked Williams for his service and emphasized that “he has been committed to maintaining the health and safety of Ontario people during his many years of service.”

Williams said that it is an honor to be able to take on this role.

He said in a statement on Sunday: “I also want to thank the people of Ontario for their resilience throughout the pandemic and for their support during these challenging times.”

Criticism of communication, methods of dealing with crises

While the government praised his leadership during the COVID-19 crisis, critics targeted his communication style and questioned his ability to resist Ford.

The leader of the New Democratic Party, Andrea Horwath, said in a press release on Sunday that she welcomes the idea of ??a new chief health officer and wonders aloud why another senior Leave before the epidemic is over. She pointed out that Rick Hillier, a retired general who was in charge of vaccine promotion in Ontario, has also left.

The provincial opposition leader Horwath said that the chief medical officer of health was selected by a party committee, but Ford skipped the process of choosing Moore.

Horvath said in the statement: “Why did Doug Ford skip this process and give up another core player? Of course he has some explanations to do.”

Williams took a group photo at a press conference in June last year. He said in a statement that he was able to serve the people of Ontario and expressed his gratitude, “they have shown resilience throughout the pandemic. (Frank Gunn/Canada Press)

Similarly, the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario has been calling for Williams’ removal almost since the pandemic began, saying he did not understand how serious the situation would become.

Doris Grinspun, the head of the association, said that many of his decisions seem to be politically motivated.

Greenspan said: “Either he has no vision and has used the precautionary principle throughout the pandemic from the beginning, or he has no personality to say to the prime minister:’This is the way it is needed’.” On Sunday.

Other commentators have expressed concern about his handling of issues beyond the COVID-19 pandemic.

Zoe Dodd of the Toronto Overdose Prevention Association said Williams failed to resolve the opioid crisis. She said that in some communities, overdose deaths have exceeded the number of pandemic deaths under his leadership.

Dowd said on social media: “Dr. Williams has been negligent.” “When the COVID pandemic, we all know that this person will become[??[?]P. “[Ford[“[Ford[“

Ford is working hard to reopen the school to welcome change

The announcement comes as the Prime Minister is working on whether to send students back to school in the final weeks of the school year. Williams, who supported this, said that he could safely return to the classroom.

However, other experts expressed their silence, saying that COVID-19 still poses a major threat and that allowing students to return to school is too risky.

The province will now enter the first phase of a three-step opening plan in mid-June.

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