NFL trade rumors: The Eagles are interested in Julio Jones, but how much is it worth it?

At least in terms of major deals and free agent signings, the NFL offseason is already late, but the key date on the NFL calendar is quickly approaching: June 1.

Some contract figures changed that day, and salary cap accounting also changed, mainly because those players who have been waived by the title of “post June 1st” (for example, the Eagles did the same as Alshon Jeffery and Malik Jackson) allowed the ball The team diversified its dead money by clicking the top cap for more than two years without having to complete all operations in one season.

However, this rule also applies to the actual Be traded (Or cut) after June, this means there may be sudden activity around the NFL in the next few days.

Jimmy Kempski will discuss the applicability of this to the Hawks in a more comprehensive introductory article published on Monday. But at the same time, we think it’s best to look at the latest deal rumors about the Eagles, especially because it has to do with the team reportedly seeking to add a player through the deal: veteran veteran Julio Jones (Julio Jones). Jones), recently (and very publicly, even if he didn’t know it at the time) that he would leave Atlanta to start a possible bidding war for the service of perennial bowlers.

Let’s look at Jones from the perspective of the Eagles and whether they should seriously consider making a trade.

Are the Eagles really interested?

According to multiple reports, the Eagles are indeed considering acquiring Jones, and the latest news is Taken from Ed Kracz of Sports Illustrated on Saturday.

ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler said on Saturday that it seems that the San Francisco 49ers have become the front runner to land Julio Jones.

The Eagles are still lurking in the shadows.

A pair of sources also confirmed earlier this week reports that Philadelphia was indeed sniffing around the Atlanta Falcon superstar recipient. And, if this happens, will it bring more juice to Atlanta’s opening game against the Falcons? []

As We wrote last week, The Eagles will always establish contact with Jones, for several very important reasons:

1. Although they have made some additions to the draft, they still need an experienced receiver (although it is not necessarily required).

2. They offer as many offers as other teams (if not more than other teams), and they are likely to hold three first-round picks next season.

3. They have Howie Roseman as the general manager. Even if influential players seem unable to afford his players, he will always call him (he will figure out some things).

4. The Hawks fans are very enthusiastic, and losing their team’s name in any rumors is the only way to ensure attractiveness.

Of course, this is what is happening, even if the team still needs to actually trade Jones from a distance.

How much will it cost?

According to Dianna Russini’s ESPN report, Sunday report The Seahawks are the latest team to show interest in Jones, which will take at least one draft pick, because the Falcons have reportedly made an offer of this caliber. However, there are many doubts about whether this is indeed the case. Here is more from Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk:

Someone revealed to ESPN’s Dianna Russini that the Falcons have the first-round pick on Jones’ table. As one league source said in response to this news, if someone offered Jones’ first-round pick to the Falcons, the Falcons will (or at least should) accept it.

The team leader has noticed another interesting development. As a league source told the PFT, if the Falcons do indeed have a first-round pick, the report has been confirmed by one or one of the various reporters from NFL Media or the Atlanta Journal Constitution. Other main channels covering sports and/or teams.

There is also a certain degree of inconsistency within ESPN. On Saturday, Jeremy Fowler said on SportsCenter that he has heard more teams than anyone else because the potential Jones destination is the 49ers. But the 49ers did not make the first round of trades in 2022. Fowler also said that if the price is right, the crows are very interested. Well, if there is a first-round pick on the table, the price will never be lower than this price. As the team has noticed, the fact is that the current ESPN NFL insider Adam Schefter (Adam Schefter) has nothing to do with whether the Falcons will provide Jones with a first-round pick. []

In addition, NFL Network’s Reported by Mike Garafolo The Rams are mixed together, and they don’t have a first-round pick in 2022 (or 2023).

As Florio’s colleague Michael David Smith pointed out, maybe teams like the Rams are considered contenders because the league’s belief is that Atlanta is the first to talk. Round offers and bluffs, while rival teams expect asking prices. Come down. If this is the case, then open the Jones lottery to many other teams.

Given the ability that the Eagles can give up in salary compensation, they still must continue to maintain a competitive advantage.

But what would it be cost -Does it really make sense?

Therefore, in addition to trade compensation, there is also the problem of including Jones’s contract within the salary cap, which is not easy for the Eagles. The Zach Ertz transaction after June 1 may help, but unless Atlanta eats up some contracts, even doing so may not be enough to complete the transaction.

However, in addition to this, we must weigh the pros and cons of Jones taking away developing receivers from the Super Relay, even in the Super Bowl season, even if they trade for veterans. Here’s more from Tim McManus of ESPN:

Experienced receivers can be used in Philadelphia. There are currently no players over the age of 25 in the room. Jalen Reagor, DeVonta Smith, Greg Ward and Travis Fulgham are the four most outstanding trailblazers this season. They have a total of 32 starts in the NFL. Jones will not only show the way to young people, but also turn the Hawks offense into one of the most dangerous offenses in the NFL.

However, there are two problems.

The salary cap for the Eagles is close to $4 million. The basic salary for Jones’ plan is $15.3 million, with a ceiling of $23 million. Although there are many ways to make the numbers work, we would love to know that spending large sums of money and capital drafts for a 32-year-old Jones is the smartest move for a team in transition, especially considering what has been invested The resource location is late. In the past two years, the Hawks have used first-round picks on Reagor and Smith. []

Scroll with these young people to see what abilities they have, and then build from there, it may be smarter.

In addition, what about other needs (such as cornerbacks or linebackers)? Maybe any increased salary space from the Ertz deal (or anywhere else) can be better used elsewhere. Again, the receiver of the Jones caliber is not available every day, and if the birds think he will be around and maintain a high level of competition when he is ready to run, it will be difficult to argue with them. At least try to get such players to land.

But is it worth a draft round? The writer refused-at least not against the current incarnation of the eagle-but it is ultimately up to Howie Roseman to decide. And a decision may be made sooner or later…

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