High vigilance on Memorial Day weekend in San Diego

LA JOLLA-San Diego fire rescue personnel have increased patrols this Memorial Day weekend and hope to remind beach visitors of important safety tips when the water comes out.

“We just want to ask everyone to be patient. This is a busy Memorial Day weekend. The parking lot is full and the traffic to and from the beach area is very busy,” said Lieutenant Lonnie Stephens of the San Diego Fire Brigade, Rescue Department.

Lieutenant Stephens reminds visitors not to forget the beach essentials, “Keep hydrated, drink plenty of water, wear sunscreen, and hide in the shade as much as possible.”

There may be robberies on weekends, but officials say that if you get stuck in the water, don’t panic.
Lieutenant Stephens said: “Just float on your back and wave your arm, and the lifeguard will come to rescue you.”

When looking for a safe place to swim on the beach, Lieutenant Stephens said to ask a lifeguard or spot the flag on the beach.

As the number of people in the water increases, don’t forget to wash your feet to avoid ing fish.

Lieutenant Stephens said: “We visit the ing fish environment in their home. We always advise people to wash their feet. If they are indeed injured by a fish, please report to the lifeguard immediately so that we can start treatment.”

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