Coronavirus news in the UK-India variants “advance with the times” vaccine is launched, as stabs may become mandatory for the NHS

A new Covid-19 mutation has been discovered in Vietnam, which spreads rapidly through the air and is a hybrid of Indian and Kent strains.

The country is struggling to deal with the new epidemic in more than half of its territory, including industrial areas and large cities such as Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

Vietnam has reported more than 6,700 cases, including 47 deaths, most of which have occurred since April.

The Minister of Health Nguyen Thanh Long was quoted as saying: “We have discovered a new hybrid from Indian and British strains.”

British experts say that the next few weeks will be critical to determining whether the UK can lift the coronavirus restrictions next month.

Three new coronavirus hotspotsIn the UK, experts have warned that the Indian variant has become the main strain.

However, after announcing that the single-dose coronavirus vaccine produced by Johnson & Johnson has been approved for use in the UK, there is also good news.

The one-dose stab developed by Janssen, the pharmaceutical division of Johnson & Johnson, is 67% effective in preventing moderate to severe Covid-19 and can provide comprehensive protection for hospital admission and death.

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