Can the franchise of “Rock” and “Creed” movies go to Amazon Prime Video?

Have you ever thought that one day you can ask your Amazon Alexa or Echo to watch Rocky Balboa put it in a referendum against people like Apollo Creed, Clubber Lang or Ivan Drago?

Well, that day may be in the near future.

Amazon reached a merger agreement Acquired Metro Goldwyn Mayer earlier this week The tech giant owns an impressive library of movies and TV shows from the media company, with a total transaction value of $8.45 billion.

Under this partnership, until now, with the support of Amazon, MGM will still produce its own projects. In addition, Amazon Prime Video will serve as a digital streaming platform for movies and shows produced by MMG, thereby becoming the main landing point for viewers to access and watch the MGM content library.

The transaction must finally be approved by the regulatory agency and pass other customary closing conditions.

Mike Hopkins, senior vice president of Prime Video and Amazon Studios, said: “The real financial value behind this transaction is that we plan to reimagine and develop the deep catalog of IP treasures with the talented team of MGM. This It’s very exciting and provides many opportunities for high-quality storytelling.”

MGM’s critically acclaimed catalog includes more than 4,000 movies, the most famous of which is the “James Bond” franchise, which will immediately strengthen Amazon Prime Video’s movie catalog.

MGM also provides about 17,000 TV shows, including “The Maid’s Story.” This media company has won 180 Academy Awards and 100 Emmy Awards.

“The opportunity to combine the legendary history of MGM with Amazon is an inspiring combination.” said Kevin Ulrich, chairman of MGM’s board of directors.

MGM is the distribution and/or production location of the last four “Rock” films and the first two “Creded” films. The media company also plans to produce and distribute “Creed III”, Scheduled to premiere in cinemas in November 2022.

MGM did not participate in the production or distribution of the first two “Rock” films. United Artists Corporation is the digital production company behind “Rocky” and “Rocky II”, Acquired by MGM in 1981 for US$350 million And absorbed into the latter’s film distribution empire.

The film franchise of “Rock” and “Creed” has been toured through various streaming services. The “Rocky” movie can currently be streamed through HBO Max and Hulu subscriptions. You can subscribe to “Creed” movies on Hulu and Sling TV, and you can watch cable TV on TNT and TBS.

The franchise rights for these two movies can be watched on Amazon Prime Video, but Prime membership does not include these two movies. Viewers have to pay an extra fee to watch Rocky Balboa or Adonis Creed throw a punch on Amazon Prime Video.

However, with an agreement reached between Amazon and MGM, the hope and expectation is that these two movie franchises will only be open to Prime Video subscribers, and viewers will not have to pay any additional fees for streaming movies.

Amazon’s agreement to acquire MGM is the latest major move by the tech giant to announce Prime Video as one of the largest streaming services.

Starting in 2022, Amazon Prime Video is set to Become the home of Thursday Night Football, This is the first streaming service in history to obtain an exclusive national broadcast package service from the NFL.

Therefore, if you want to watch every Eagles game and/or any “Rocky” or “Creed” movie as you like, then it seems that you may need to invest in an Amazon Prime subscription within the next year, if you haven’t already.

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