What is the Champions League trophy made of and can the winner keep it?

The UEFA Champions League trophy will return to England this season.

Chelsea and Manchester City will compete in Lisbon on Saturday for the championship of 16,500 lucky fans.

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Big ears await the winner of Chelsea vs Manchester CityCredit: PA

The Champions League trophy itself is an iconic trophy, known as the “big ears”, which will be awarded on the court after the game.

What are the Champions League trophies made of?

The trophy weighs 7.5 kilograms, but it is easy to handle and light enough to give us a splash in the cheerful scene we saw with Bayern Munich last year.

It is 74 cm tall and made of sterling silver.

Its actual value is not as you expected. According to the scrap value, it is just over 4,000 pounds.

Comparing this with the World Cup gold trophy sold, the estimated value of the trophy is as high as £113,000.

The unique shape of the two handles gave rise to the nickname of Big Ears, and the winning team won the gold medal on Saturday night and finished runner-up.

Manchester United last won the 2008 Champions League under Sir Alex Ferguson


Manchester United last won the 2008 Champions League under Sir Alex FergusonCredit: PA

Will the winners be retained?

Sadly not.

Until the 2008/09 season, if a team has won 5 races, they can retain the current trophy.

The rules were changed more than ten years ago, and now all winners will get a copy to display in their club.

But Big Ears will stay at UEFA headquarters after the expedition to Lisbon this weekend.

The UEFA website states: “The rules that came into effect in 1968/69 stipulate that a cup match is the property of any club that has won it five times or three years in a row.

Pep Guardiola wants to design Manchester City's first CL victory


Pep Guardiola wants to design Manchester City’s first CL victoryCredit: PA

“The club then starts a new cycle from scratch. Real Madrid, Ajax, Bayern Munich, Milan, Liverpool and Barcelona all have versions in the trophy room.

“The rules changed before the 2008/09 season. The original trophy was left to UEFA and the club received a copy.

“The current trophy is the fifth version of the current design. It was commissioned by UEFA Secretary-General Hans Bangerter, and Real Madrid was allowed to retain the original trophy in 1967.”

How do I watch the UEFA Champions League final?

  • The Champions League final will be broadcast live on BT Sport 1 and BT Sport 1 HD and BT Sport Ultimate.
  • You can capture motion on the BT Sport app, which can be downloaded to your mobile device, tablet or smart TV.
  • The game will also be shown on BT Sport’s YouTube channel, free toll.

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