The weather in San Diego County is cool this weekend, and there is a warm-up for Memorial Day.

San Diego (CNS)-The National Weather Service said that in San Diego County on Saturday and Sunday, the weather is expected to be cooler due to land currents and fairly deep ocean facies occupying the west of the mountains.

The forecaster said that some cooling is expected to be felt in the mountains and deserts, and there will be gusts of westerly wind blowing through the passage in the afternoon and evening.

The NWS said that due to dense ocean clouds, the cleanup rate in coastal areas on Saturday may slow down, and the sky may still be partly cloudy on Saturday afternoon.

NWS said that warming is expected to start over the high desert on Sunday, and then the entire Memorial Day to Wednesday, as the ocean layer becomes thinner and land flows are weakened.

The NWS said that the high temperature in the coastal area on Saturday is expected to be 66-71 degrees, with an overnight low of 53-58. The highs of the western valley in the Piedmont region will be 69-74 and 73-78, and the overnight lows will be 48-55.

The mountain high is expected to reach 73-83 and the overnight low will reach 44-51. The high point of the desert will be 98-103, the overnight low will be 63-70, and the top speed of gusts will be 40 mph.

The NWS said that starting Monday, the ridge of high pressure is expected to be pushed into Northern California first and eventually spread to Southern California next week.

The forecaster said: “This will bring gradual warming conditions to our region, except for the adjacent coastal areas.” “The warmest days may be Wednesday and Thursday, the lower desert temperature is 105-110 degrees, Mojave The temperature in the desert is about 100 degrees.”

NWS says that some moisture and reflux will help alleviate excessive warming conditions, especially before next weekend.

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