Memorial Day travel is expected to break San Diego International Airport’s record

San Diego – According to airport officials, the number of passengers at San Diego International Airport is expected to hit a record high this Memorial Day weekend.

Travel to Memorial Day was very busy at the airport, but Saturday was smooth for many passengers and their pets.

“We are from Denver, Colorado,” said passenger Kimberly Lubuguian. “Our flight took off almost on time. It was a fairly smooth flight. We could have lunch before we set off… and pack up here immediately. I think the rental line took some time.”

Congestion has increased for some passengers from other parts of the country.

Passenger Brayden Chandler said: “It’s full of things.” “We can’t park in Pensacola at all.”

A spokesperson for San Diego International Airport said that compared with the number of airports in 2020, the number of passengers at the airport has increased by 557% this year. However, compared with the figures before the 2019 pandemic, travel is still down 39%.

Lubuguian said: “Our flight was very crowded, but even before the flight took off, we absolutely felt very safe.” “The flight attendants went around collecting the initial wet wipes and trash we expected to get.”

No passengers are expected to travel in the United States with a COVID-19 “vaccine passport”, but Lubgu’an said she has ensured that she has been fully vaccinated.

Luguan said: “My husband and I were vaccinated.” “Our child is too young to be vaccinated.”

At the same time, other younger passengers said that they felt safe after everyone was covered up.

Chandler said: “Because I have less risk of catching it, they cannot spread it to me.”

The airport also wants to remind passengers that, according to federal government regulations, they must continue to wear masks until September.

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