Humane Society helps Escondido rescue horses

ESCONDIDO (CNS)-The emergency team of the Humane Society of San Diego dropped a horse into a trailer on Saturday and rescued the horse.

Nina Thompson of the Humane Society of San Diego said that when the driver of the horse trailer was driving on the interstate at 15:00 on Saturday afternoon, the partition inside the trailer fell and there were three horses inside. The owner of the horse drove from the highway into the 1,000-block parking lot of El Norte Parkway.

Thompson said the owner was able to lift two horses, but the third horse-Friesland-still did not get down. At 2:30 pm, nine members of the association’s emergency response team and two police officers responded.

Thompson said that a veterinarian prescribed a sedative to the horse to keep it calm during the rescue.

With the help of ropes and manpower, the horse was pulled up and stood upright at 4:05 in the afternoon.

Thompson said the convoy intends to stay on site until the tranquilizer is used up, and then load the horse into a trailer before returning home.

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