Due to border restrictions, nearly 200 San Isidro companies closed

San Sidro, California – Nearly 200 San Sidro businesses have closed in the past year, largely due to border travel restrictions imposed by the federal government to curb the COVID-19 pandemic.

Starting on March 21, 2020, non-essential travel has been restricted for more than a year.Recent restrictions Extended again to June 21, Even if the pandemic situation continues to improve.

Juan Miguel Hornedo of the San Isidro Chamber of Commerce said the restrictions have had a devastating effect on businesses in certain areas.

“From March last year to March this year, the entire San Ysidro region’s sales reached 250 million U.S. dollars,” said Honedo. “Usually, when a good year comes, their sales The amount will be close to 900 million U.S. dollars. .”

According to Hornedo, 80% of businesses rely solely on the flow of people from Mexico.

The Chamber of Commerce and San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria (Todd Gloria) advocated for the border to be completely open. Gloria tweeted on Friday He will continue to pressure federal leaders Remove restrictions on border crossings to help businesses in border areas.

Tepito Club general manager Alfredo Saldeno said that due to lack of business, they had to close car dealerships and a furniture store. He hopes that border travel restrictions will be lifted as soon as possible.

Saldeno said: “We think it will open in March, then April, May, June.” “It’s very difficult, we still have to pay for all utilities. I don’t want my employees to reduce their working hours, but sometimes you This needs to be done.”

These restrictions did not prevent American citizens from returning home. However, travel for sightseeing, entertainment, gambling or cultural activities does not fall within the definition of basic travel.

Sunim Gakhreja, the owner of Mayan Gourmet Pizza on San Ysidro Boulevard, said that allowing Americans to travel back and forth is unfair to companies that rely heavily on Mexican nationals for their business.

“That’s the height of hypocrisy,” Gahredja said. “How can Americans go to the other side and it’s okay to come back again, but a Mexican, even if he has been fully vaccinated, he can’t come over?”

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