Arsenal “want Mahrez, Buendia and McNeil to transfer”, Coutinho could “leave Barcelona”, Odegard’s newest future

Brighton reaction

Brighton CEO Paul Barber admitted that Seagulls may not be at their best in the summer.

There are reports that Arsenal have been following midfielder Yves Bissouma (Yves Bissouma) closely.

The barber told the “Athletics”: “I don’t think this is negative at all. The more large clubs interested in our players, the more correct we will be, and I am very happy about that.

“We know that some of the best players will not be with us forever. If the right offer comes up-it must be the right offer-they want to leave, then they can go.

“If we have players leaving, then we have backed up internally and we can enter the transfer market.

“We are always looking forward. We are always trying to find the best young players and bring them into our lineup or loan them out. This is a very important part of what we do.”

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