After an epic journey through the ice and tundra, the Nunavut is reunited with his family

Donna Adams would not have guessed it was in her dog Pepper.

But 10-year-old German Shepherds-usually roaming around outside the Adams house in Rankin Inlet, Nunavut, they walk alone along the remote Hudson Bay coast It took 70 kilometers to find family members in the distance, which put everyone in a difficult position. A community she has never been to.

“We are very happy. Like, I can’t believe it.” Adams said when the dog arrived at Whale Bay in surprise.

“She just likes to hang out. We used to charge a lot of fees from the charter for owing a dog, but even I think they gave up because she didn’t leave anything!”

Pepper’s big adventure earlier this month began with sad news-the death of the Adams family. The funeral will be held in Whale Bay, a smaller community along the coast of Hudson Bay. Adams’ family planned to fly there from Rankin, but a cancelled flight prompted them to travel by snowmobile.

They are preparing to set off, when Pepper starts to move.

Adams recalled: “She did follow us very hard. She even jumped on the sled. We told her to get out of the car and go home.”

“I think she feels the sadness or trauma we are going through. She just knows something has happened and she doesn’t want to leave us.”

Adams and her family, and Pepper. (Submitted by Donna Adams)

In the end, Pepper was coaxed back home. One of Adams’ daughters was still there, and she didn’t take a rescheduled flight to Whale Bay to meet her family until at least the next day.

Adams believes that Pepper also fled the town shortly after his daughter left. Her son stayed in Rankin, but was still working that day. When Adams’ husband returned that night, he found Pepper was missing.

Adams said: “They looked around. She would never walk around again. She would never leave.”

The family is upset and confused, but they are also facing family tragedies, so finding Pepper is not their top priority.

Adams said: “Let’s let it go. We just accepted, well, she’s gone.”

The land frightened her

This doesn’t take off like Pepper, not just because she is usually a lazy family. According to Adams, this dog does not like to go out of town.

Adams said: “This land is too quiet and frightened her.” “There is nothing around, she is too big and too slow to catch up with siksiks. [ground squirrels] …No one, nothing around, that’s what bothered her. ”

Whale Cove is a small community along the coast of Hudson Bay. Pepper will drive about 70 kilometers in a remote area from Rankin Inlet to find the community. (CBC)

Adams lives in Whale Cove with a few children. They stayed there for a few days, and someone in the town showed them a picture of a dog that appeared to be wandering in a remote village.

It’s pepper. The dog swallowed up fear in some way, traveled alone in the huge silent ice and tundra for several days, and found his own person.

Whale Bay is very small, so it took Adams and her family about 10 minutes to find the dog until he found Pepper.

“She looks very young, like 10 years younger-because she lost a lot of weight!” Adams said with a smile.

Pepper resting after the trek. (Submitted by Donna Adams)

“The moment I saw her, I cried. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced it. Just tears of joy.”

Adams said Pepper’s incredible journey quickly became the topic of the town-at the entrance of Whale Cove and Rankin.

Adams said: “Everyone is happy to hear this story. I mean, especially she is alone, she is all alone! She has never been taken to Whale Bay with us.”

“We are all excited and relieved-very proud of her.”

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